Sunday Open House


Forever Remembered
Pucci and I are awakening you to what we find to be an interesting scene. No, you will not fall off the end of the earth - it's an infinity pool.

A sandy beach and the ocean are below, loungers in the sun or the shade, romping area for the furbabies - a delightfully relaxing venue for today's Open House.

For those who arrival early, Pucci and I have set up freshly squeezed fruit juices, ice water, coffees, teas, Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Pucci has left a note for Horhei to give his Grandpa, Charles, in case they arrive before we do.

Of course, Pucci and I are hosting for the day. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings.

I'm sipping my cup of chamomile citrus tea, so that means I'm logging off for the night. I hope to greet many of you in the morning with a double cappuccino in hand.


Captain Weather
Different, and lovely. Is there a waterfall at the end of that pool?

I'll go find the OJ and tea to drink as I get ready for church. It's a little late for me, so I think Horhei will sleep a little longer.

thanks you two. (3? LW hasn't made an appearance at Open House yet that I've noticed.)



Captain Weather
Ice water coming right up. I'm boiling the water for tea, and I just put to coffee on.

Can I get something for you while I'm up?

MEOW, and good morning to my four-footed and two-footed friends. Even the 2-footed kind with feathers! I'll help with the water bowls and saying hi to everyone. Grandma's fish, splish and splash, would love that big pool.



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What a nice place to start the day. I would love a cup of tea and Hunter is heading off to find his furbaby friends. He has brought a variety of treats for the day to share. I am going to relax in a lounger out by the pool & enjoy the company & view. What a great place to start the day!!!

Cruise cutie

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:sunny:Good Morning Dear Paesana,Pucci & gang..

we are trotting over to loungers for some Double Cappuccino's .. it may be just Mark and I.. for a while..

Mariah the Queen puppy is all wore out..:biggrin:..she hosted DS Jenny and BF Matthew and DS Julia and BF Benjamin for Supper last night..

and she's presently ensconced on Momma and Poppa's banked pillows at the head of the bed in HER Favorite spot...she simply paws the covers up in a lovely pile ;noses all the pillows around her, and perches herself quite regally in the middle..:boogie:

and while she'd more than likely romp with all the she rambles in.. the air conditioner on in the bedroom with all this muggy heat is quite suiting her..
.. we shall indulge in simply visiting with all our Dear friends, and enjoying the stunning venue...back later..hugs Joanne


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Good morning. A beautiful spot to spend the morning. I think I'll start with a cinnamon dulce latte. Zsa Zsa has taken off to find the furbabies.


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What a lovely spot to visit with you all this morning. I'll enjoy a cuppa coffee as I haven't had mine yet this morning. Louie and Georgie look foward to their time with the fur and feathered kids.


I haven't had coffee yet either so I will join Niecie in a cup.So nice to see so many so early this morning. Scritches and hugs.


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Yet another stunning venue, Mary Ann! What a great pool!
We have had a very nice "late summer" day over here, with mostly sunny and 75F. The water in the lake was 64F so I didn't take a long swim... :whistle:

Now it's time for a glass of sparkling wine, please.

As usual Molle is here with me. "Woof"! Can't keep him away... :biggrin:



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I absolutely love the infinity pool and location that you have chosen.Thank you so much. Harely wanted to come early, as he said digging to China takes time, and he felt a bit rushed yesterday. Chloe and Lily are saying hello to all their friends, and Charles if you have another cup, I would love some tea.


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Beautiful spot, today...

I'd love a good, strong coffee and join the group.

Cat is there with bells on, but Rudee will be a resting spectator today. No running for him :( But he sure could use some scritches :whistle: