Sunday Open House


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Now that Pucci got in his greetings while I went and got my double cappuccino, allow me to welcome all our friends who are already enjoying this delightful place. I guess it took Open House to make several of us realize we all are neighbors with homes up on the hill!!:biggrin: I guess we've just been to busy cruising, yachting and enjoying this large pool! :whistle:

Maw, it so nice to see you here today. I know your cruise is just around the corner. God bless - have a wonderful time on your bucket cruise. I know Lisa63 will be a very gracious and knowledgeable Hostess in Boston and will give all of you excellent suggestions for your various ports of call. You and Paw take good care of yourselves.

And, good morning to...

Charles (thanks again for your help)
Tobyn & Bread

BSea, good to see you. Welcome home from your cruise (thanks for the blog), and how did your hockey team fare. Here's your decaf - stretch back and enjoy!
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John - what a pleasure to see you here today. By all means, get out of the rain and let Charles or me get you (and April?) something refreshing to drink.


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Now I have been swimming around those small islands so I'm all dizzy... :whistle:
I think I have to sit down and relax.
Time for my Sunday Silja Special, please!



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Erik - don't forget to practice your pole dancing, too, using the palm trees! :whistle:

Here are two Silja Specials on the table next to your lounger - of course, we have more if needed! Enjoy!


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Hockey team won the opener 7-1 a very nice start to the season :)

Everybody getting ready for the Cruise @ddicts NHL hockey pool ?


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What a wonderful day this has been. I would like to end this afternoon with a nice glass of wine. I am so looking forward to hockey starting again BSeabob. Gotta give that hometeam some cheering... champs that they were last season. Off to the beach for a while.


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Thank you, Mary Ann!
I think I need two more Silja Specials before I can start practice the pole dancing... :biggrin:

It's good that pool is warmer than the lake at my summer house. It was only 55F today, and I had to go into the water because of a hose that got stuck out in the water. I'm glad that I didn't have to go too far out... :whistle:

Hockey team won the opener 7-1 a very nice start to the season :)
Great start, but most important is to win the last game of the season, because then you are the champion! :boogie:



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Erik - here are two more Silja Specials for you. Enjoy - then take your pick of a palm tree! :biggrin:

I think you need a wet suit to jump in your lake with those COLD temperatures!!!!!!!


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Thank you Mary Ann!

If only I had a wet suit... maybe I will get a cold instead?! :biggrin:

Now I am ready for some pole dance practice. :dance:
I can see a palm tree at the beach that looks perfect. My balance is also perfect after all Silja Specials. :whistle:

After the pole dance session it's time to get some sleep as it's almost midnight here and it will be an early morning tomorrow.
Thank you for today!



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I almost missed Open House!!!

This is a lovely pool. I gained a few pounds in the past month, so you'll find me swimming laps. Even in a pool this size, it will take a lot of those laps. I'll be ready for a glass of iced tea when I am finally finished.

I am glad Frasier has a lot of friends to hang out with. He's in a very playful mood today, so I brought some of his toys to help keep him and his friends occupied.

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Didn't get a chance to stop in for cocktails -- spent ALL afternoon outside -- we had a wonderful day -- beautiful day -- sun -- low humidty.

Everyone have a good evening.