Sunday Open House


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Horhei - does your Mama allow you to eat bacon?

Lisa - we won't EVEN THINK of weight!:hammer: Enjoy your laps in the pool, and your iced tea will be waiting for you. Frasier is frolicking with the furbabies and seems to be having a great time. It was kind of him to bring toys to share. We've given him his bowl of water - is he allowed a bit of catnip?

Yonnie - I've poured two Grey Goose on the Rocks. Why not take them home for you and Joe to savor at leisure.

Erik - we look forward to seeing you next weekend!


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Bandit and Cocoa are thrilled to see both Maw AND Charles! Cocoa has headed for the dig site, but I see Bandit has taken up residence in Maw's lap. Bird Joey is cuddling up to "his" Mary Ann and munching on birdie trail mix from her pocket. Fresh warm Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are ready to eat, no mixes, no calories, guaranteed! Leon would like a Chocolate Banana this evening, so I picked up a tray full when we passed the bar. Please have one, Mary Ann.


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Jacquie - Bandit and Cocoa certainly know their way around Open House by now! And both seem quite content. They've been served their bowls of water and treats, so all's well with the world.
My little feathered friend, Bird Joey, (name noted) is comfortably perched on my shoulder, happily munching on his birdie trail mix from my pocket. Today, his favorite appears to be cashews. Once he takes his little head out of my pocket, he'll receive his pat-pats and scritches behind his ears. I see all three of us - Leon, you and I, will be enjoying Chocolate Bananas. Thank you for bringing one to me! Let's sit back and enjoy.


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I'll do the "reveal" a bit early tonight - hopefully it's not past Horhei's bedtime. As Pucci and I thank all our friends for joining us today, I'm happy to announce that this lovely venue is in FIJI. Little Horhei has been wanting to visit Fiji since he was first rescued and found a good home with Charles' DD. Pucci and I hope you all have enjoyed yourselves.

As always, the bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

Have a safe week, and we look forward to seeing you next weekend.