Sunday Open House


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Good morning/afternoon/evening, Friends. We have a great turnout and Pucci and I are glad you're enjoying yourselves.

Let me put down my double cappuccino so I can greet everyone - after thanking Charles and Horhei for taking good care of our morning (AZ time) visitors:

Lisa & Frasier (and of course we'l take good care of Frasier in your absence)
Linda & Hunter
Erik & Molle (hope there are two Bloody Marys!)
Audrey & Blue
Bev, Chloe, Harley & Lily
Marie & ZsaZsa
Joanne & Mark, Mariah & Wendy

You seem to be enjoying our venue today...we're so glad. Have a relaxing and fun day! Hope I didn't forget anyone in the greetings!


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Woofs and Meows everyone (our chirping friend isn't here until later in the day).

Thanks to everyone who brought treats to share. We appreciate that. Mariah - those are great photos of you on the bed.

Let me know if you need more water or food, while we play. Oh, yes, I forgot...I gotta help Mommy, too. Thanks for helping with the water bowls, Horhei.


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Good Morning

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to enjoy Open House. Beautiful spot once again ShipMaven and Pucci. Cooper is very excited to be here and play with all his furry friends (and scratches from his human friends). I will help myself to a cup of tea and find the perfect spot to sit and enjoy.



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I'm opening up the afternoon bar. I think I'll start with a large double cc and soda.

Can I make anything for anyone else?



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Good to see you, Radiance, Cooper, Denise (and we hope Georgie and Louie). Radiance, here's your cup of Earl Grey tea and, Denise, your pumpkin spice latte (mmm...that sounds good). Pucci has greeted Cooper, Georgie and Louie with their bowls of water and treats. The furbabies are off playing, and the humans seem to be relaxing very nicely.

Charles is preparing the stronger stuff including, I hope, his signature Rum Punch - so please let us know when you're ready for a drink.


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Yes, Mary Ann, there were two Bloody Marys.
Now I think it's time for my Sunday Silja Special as it is starting to get late here.



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Erik - two Silja Specials coming your way. Just be sure that there's one each for each leg (not two down one leg), but we have more here just in case....!:whistle:


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Thank you, Mary Ann!
I will try to make sure they go down both legs.

I almost had a "down one leg" experience earlier today after about 30 minutes on my brand new crosstrainer (elliptical machine). I almost walked in circles on shaky legs when I stepped down from the machine... :biggrin:
I guess it means that I really need to use that machine! :whistle:



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Erik - Pucci believes you definitely need an extra set of Silja Specials to allow you to gradually become accustomed to the elliptical machines. They are quite strenuous - sounds like you are seriously into pole training now! :whistle: We hope you have a good supply of pain killers when you awaken in the morning to your legs complaining to you about how they feel!


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I think Pucci is correct, I may need some more Silja Specials to build up the energy in my legs again... :whistle:
I have tried elliptical machines during my cruises and even if I usually get tired after 30 minutes I don't get as tired as I got today. It's probably due to the sea views. I have to move my house... :biggrin:

Soon midnight here and I'm off to work in just a bit more than 6 hours so I think it's time to get some sleep.
Thank you for today!



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Thank you for joining us today, Erik.

If you need Silja Specials during the week while you work out on the ellipticals, just let Pucci know. :boogie:

Krazy Kruizers

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Ready to settle down for the evening with a Grey Goose.

Have appointments with spine surgeon and dentist tomorrow -- will eventually get to stop by sometime tomorrow.


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Yonnie - good luck with your appointments tomorrow (sounds like my week - appointments with pain specialist, wound specialist and primary physician). I think you and Joe need double Grey Goose(s) on the Rocks by way of preparation! Relax and enjoy!


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Cocoa asked me to please relay word to Harley that he dug quite a lot yesterday but didn't find gold - just an old bottle top, so he didn't miss a thing. He will be happy to help Harley today and is hoping they have better luck. Bandit is still a little under the weather with arthritis, but he's found a nice sunbeam for napping. Then there's Bird Baby.....bypassing all those trees to land on Mary Ann's shoulder looking for goodies. Leon would like some of Charles' rum punch if he has plenty available, and I'm headed for the Chocolate Bananas. Looks like there are plenty available so I'll just capture a tray and put them in front of Mary Ann.


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Jacquie - Pucci and I are so sorry that Bandit is having problems with arthritis. Can anything be done to help? Meds or special diet? Pucci has brought out bowls of water for both - Bandit looks very comfy in the sun, and Pucci and Harley seem to be having a serious discussion about something. They're enjoying treats as well. Bird Baby (name noted) zeroed in on his favorite perch and is enjoying the pocketful of crushed cashews prepared for him today. He manages to receive his pat-pats on his head and scritches behind the ears whenever he sticks his head out of my pocket! Charles, of course, prepared his Rum Punch and I've brought a tall glass to Leon. There's more if he would like seconds. And, thank you for taking a tray of Chocolate Bananas - I shall be delighted to join you drinking one or two or.....:cheer:


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Back after a relaxing family day. Hunter is tired out from digging & playing with friends all day today. Would love to sit and relax with a rum punch to end the day. Thanks Mary Ann & Pucci for hosting.