Sunday Open House


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As Pucci and I announced yesterday, we would offer something a bit different this weekend - nighttime views of our chosen venues - so we hope you will enjoy our choice for Sunday Open House...

The pool is glorious, the grounds are spacious (fun for our furbabies, too), there's a great clubhouse...

As always, Pucci and I are hosting for the day - so, enjoy!

We've left the now-usual notes for Charles and Horhei, whom we thank for their early morning help, and our morning refreshments can be found in that clubhouse - a variety of coffees and teas, freshly squeezed fruit juices, ice water, and the stronger Mimosas and Bloody Marys.

Let's please raise our glasses or cups and wish Charles a very happy milestone birthday!

Pucci and I will join you later on, and I'll have my usual double cappuccino in hand.


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WOW, that's quite a place you and Pucci have selected for us to enjoy. Kiefer is already swimming happily, and I'll pour a cuppa hot green tea this morning and grab some fruit, thank you very much. Here's a toast to you Charles, for a very Happy Birthday today.


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I love this! Horhei, please tell your Grandpa to take a seat so that we may serve him for a change. The tea I had at yesterday's Open House helped my sore throat go away, so I am healthy enough to take over.

Frasier is eating (what else is new>) and he will be by to help Horhei shortly.


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A lovely spot and Bella and I look foward to joing you as the boys haven't arrived home yet. I am ready for a hot cuppa coffee please.

connie seabee

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Wow! What a beautiful place to meet. I'm going to bring along DD's two cats Munster and Eskabar to join us. I'll have a nice cup of coffee and a roll.


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A stunning venue, Mary Ann!
I brought some birthday cake for Charles. I guess there will be some leftovers to share... :whistle:

Well, let's have some Champagne to continue the celebration! Cheers Charles! :cheer:
Molle is here today too and is eager to meet all his friends. I also think he heard something about pancakes... :biggrin:



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Hi to all our @ddicts pals. Susan is back from the mall so we thought we'd stop by early to help celebrate Charles' birthday. We'll join Erik in a champagne toast to join the celecration. That cake looks delicious but I am trying to mind my pre-cruise diet so I'll just snatch one of those juicy strawberries. Ginny and Tanner are joining us with happy birthday woofs and tail wags. :sunny:


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Wow, that is beautiful! I wish I could stay but I have to breeze in and out as I have a lot of showing appointments this afternoon. I will take a latte to go and will come by for a much needed cocktail tonight. I know you won't mind if I leave Zsa Zsa here to play with the other furbabies while I have to work. No sense in both of us missing the time at this beautiful location.


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Oh, what a delightfully busy day - and since it's still early here, I'll first raise my double cappuccino to Charles to wish him a very Happy Birthday! :doubleup: Pucci wants to get on to greet the furbabies, but before he does, let me say hello (and thanks for your presence) to...

Charles - our birthday gentleman
Lisa (glad your sore throat is gone)
Denise (welcome home)
Dot and Les
Erik (that delicious cake has NO calories, that delicious cake has NO calories, that delicious cake has NO calories,)
Michael and Susan

Pucci and I hope you enjoy yourselves at this gorgeous venue.