Sunday Open House


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:cheer: Here's to many more, Charles!

Pucci and I thank all our friends for visiting with us today. This beautiful site is in Abu Dhabi.

As always, the bar remains open if there are any latecomers.

We wish everyone a safe and pleasant week, and look forward to seeing you next weekend.


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Tail wags from me, too. I look forward to seeing all our feathered and furry friends next weekend - and, possibly, Kiefer will have a new sister to introduce to us by then!


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As it is Monday morning here now I can say "Good Morning"! :sunny:

Good luck with your vehicle inspection in the morning. How often must that be done?
Mary Ann, the first time is when your car is 3 years old the next time when it's 5 then yearly after that.
They check basic safety functions like brakes, steering, tires etc. and also the exhaust emissions.
I'll find out in half an hour if my car is good enough (it's 3 years old so it's the first time).



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Good morning to you, Erik (it's only a bit past 10:15pm here). Thank you for the information on your vehicle inspection - interesting. Here, it varies widely from state to state.

Jim - glad you liked our venue. Of course, a bucket of beers awaited your arrival.


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Thanks for all of your good wishes. It means a lot to me. DD flew up from Houston. And we had a small family dinner at a local restaurant. Both were surprises.