Sunday Open House


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We are slipping in a bit late, but this location is incredible. Thank you for selecting this for us today Mary Ann and Pucci. I have Harley and Lilly with me today, as Chloe is at home with Jim. Harely is anxious to see his friends, and has just raced off. I'm sure that Lilly will not be far behind. May I please have a glass of wine while I look at this fabulous view?


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I told Pretty, Pretty Joey to land softly on your shoulder so he won't make it sore, and he promised me he would. Bandit and Cocoa have been transported to this beautiful location directly from Puppy Camp, so they're looking for soft laps and fresh bowls of water. It's time for Leon's Baileys and coffee and I picked up a nice tray of Chocolate Bananas on the way through. Gotta check out that crazy pool!


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Bev - never too late here! Pucci has given Harley and Lilly their bowls of water and treats, and they've joined the other furbabies. How about a glass of chilled Rhein Wine as you sit and relax?

Jacquie - Pucci is delighted that Bandit and Cocoa were able to travel here magically directly from puppy camp. He's given them super large bowls of water and treats and they've joined the other furbabies. Pretty, Pretty Joey (name noted - new name??) is perched gently on my shoulder and is munching on chopped macadamia nuts while he receives his usual pat-pats on his head and scritches behind his ears. He nuzzled my cheek with his head - guess he's happy! :boogie: For Leon, I've got his coffee and Bailey's, and for us...what else but Chocolate Bananas? :cheer: Enjoy the pool, too!


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Pucci and I thank you for joining us today. Again we were a long way from home - we spent the day in Thailand.

The bar remains open should there be any latecomers. Our beer-lovers might like to try Singha or Singha light.

We wish you a safe and pleasant week!