Sunday Open House


Forever Remembered
Pucci is still working his tail off at Pucci's Pet Grooming Salon this weekend offering free grooming to his C@ friends, so he'll be missing from Sunday Open House. But he had helped to choose the venue...

This should be especially inviting to @ddicts along the East Coast and Northeast who are coping with the freak snowstorm. Warm temps, gentle ocean breezes, a fantastic pool, comfy lounge chairs (look in the distance to the right).

I've left a note for Charles in case he can escape the terrible weather in his area. For our early arrivals we have the usual varieties of coffees and teas, ice water, freshly squeezed fruit juices, Bloody Marys and Mimosas. As always, I'll be hosting for the day.

I'll look forward to greeting you - and I'll have my double cappuccino in hand.

The Cruiser

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A VERY Hot Coffee for moi. My electric came back on about a half hour ago. :boogie: :boogie: (no heat for 11 1/2 hours). Just waiting for the house to warm up. Another nice spot ShipMaven.


Forever Remembered
TC - I won't even wait for the morning. Here's a large mug of very hot coffee for you. Sorry you lost power, but glad it's back on. Be sure to keep Big Guy warm as well.


The Euro Connection Special Contributor
Amazing pool.
Last day at work before vacation, so my usual at work drink a Pellegrino please.
I'll come back after work and get myself something stronger.


Forever Remembered
Isn't that pool spectacular? Here is your Pellegrino, Christoffer, and you're welcome to the stronger drinks later when you leave work and begin your vacation. Not too much longer before you board the Allure!


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I'll grab a fast cup of English Breakfast tea on the way to work, and be back later with the rest of the crew. What a beautiful spot you've picked today!


Captain Weather
Good morning from a Winter Wonderland!

Very interesting view. Another great choice.

Tea water and coffee are on. What may I get you?



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What a fantastic place you picked today. My furbabies want warmth after doing trick or treat in the snowy rain last night. I think Confetti, baby & sweetie just want to lay around and enjoy the sunshine.

Krazy Kruizers

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Good Morning Mary Ann and Pucci. Another lovely place to sit my ice water.

Very bad storm hit the east coast.

Strange to have snow before we even had our first frost.
MEOW, and Good Morning.

Three fuzzies that I don't know. Hi to Confetti, Sweetie, and Baby.

Water bowls are out. And there's lots of places to lie in the sun.



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Looks like you could skate across that pool it's so calm. Sunny out here in Toronto but quite a frost this morning so I'm glad of your warm I'll enjoy a mimosa please before I go hang my laundry outside! My gas dryer needs a new part so I'll be bringing in popsicle clothes unless it gets warmer soon! All the best to those snowy cruise@ddicts on the east coast!


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Good morning. What a beautiful place, especially for our friends out east. Glad TC got their power restored and Charles was able to make it. I'll have a latte to start the day.


good morning everyone think I will have a mimosa to start this morning. Was terrific seeing all my family at yesterday;s wedding. Lots of hugs and kisses and got to invite all for Thanksgiving dinner. Time now to relax and pass out scritches and hugs.


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That pool looks great! Just what I need now!
It's already starting to get dark here (at 3:30 PM).

Today I will start with a beer of some kind please.

As Molle still doesn't need grooming he is joining me here today. He's off looking for his buddies and brought some squeakers and balls to play with.


connie seabee

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I'll have a nice cup of hot coffee and join all our C@ friends for a chat. Cody Bear couldn't make it today. He is having a hard time getting around these days.


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This place is simply gorgeous. Thank you for selecting it Mary Ann and Pucci. I have Lilly and Chloe with me today, as Harley has a grooming appointment with Pucci. I only hope that Pucci can get all of that dirt and sand off of his coat. The boy is something of a master digger. I think that I will sit next to the pool and have a nice chat with everyone gathered here. A mimosa would be delightful if there are any ready.

Cruise cutie

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we are skating in for a Double Cappuccino before we head to tanning at Noon, Wendy and Mariah are pouting, snow is not in their vocabulary!!!

Princessa just daintily shakes her paws, snorts in disdain.., and goes on ,then does it again..does "her business"... then rushes back to her toasty house..

Wendy Kat refuses to even contemplate going out when it's nice never mind Nasty snow!!

I am off today..talked to DS Stephen the Birthday boy-25 years.yesterday was his Fiance`Sarah's- she's one day older...:whistle:...
so we shall come back later for something a bit stronger..this place is absolutely WOW!!!..later all..Joanne


Captain Weather
Hi to:
Sage and

A latte, Mimosa, beers, coffee, another Mimosa, and a double cappuccino are being served.