Sunday Open House


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good morning all
droping by for a while need to go to mall we are getting sophia one year picture taken today. Blue is with me and has gone off to play with is fur friends.


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Good morning! ! Bread and I will join in with a couple of mimosas. That sounds grand. Timber brought some tuna to share. The winter strom we were supposed to get earlier this week failed to materialize (thankfully). We now just have cool, but sunny weather.


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Mimosas sound good to me! Louie and Georgie look so handsome after their spa time a Pucci's place....he does good work. Now they are prancing around showing off LOL.


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Ok here we go, no work until November 22nd. I'm now on vacation.
Now I could take one single malt to start with, the last weeks at work have been so busy, I'm really going to enjoy my next weeks.


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Hi Christoffer. Congratulations on no more work for 3 weeks. ANd a cruise in between!

How about a Tormore 12 year old?

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Good morning/afternoon/evening to all. I'm delighted to see such a wonderful turnout, and my thanks to Charles while I'm working on month-end reports.

Cheers (again in some cases) to

Charles and Horhei, of course
Christoffer ( :cheer: on your vacation)
Evie with Confetti, Sweetie and Baby
Maw (glad you had a good day yesterday)
Erik and Molle
Connie - very sorry that Cody Bear is having a hard time getting around
Bev with Lilly and Chloe. Pucci reported that Harley showed up to the Salon with lots of dirt and sand, clenching chopsticks in his teeth!
Joanne with Mariah and Wendy (happy birthday to Stephen and Sarah!!!)
Audrey and Blue
Tobyn, Bread with Timber (thanks for the tuna)
Denise with Louie and Georgie (Pucci thanks you for the compliments)
Lisa - Pucci will be happy to see Frasier

Hope I got everyone!


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Thanks for the beer Charles!
After some swimming in that lovely pool (I was close to swim over the edge... :whistle:) it's time for my Sunday drink please!
Oh... I promise; no splashing today! :biggrin:



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Christoffer - here is the Tormore Charles promised you. Enjoy! :cheer:
Erik - I'm not so sure you won't splash in the pool, but here are your two Silja Specials. Enjoy!:cheer:


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Thank you, Mary Ann!
Hmmm... maybe just some minor splashing... :whistle:
Oops... I can see tht Molle is swimming too. Did someone throw a ball in the pool? :biggrin:



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Erik - you're allowed to do some minor splashing. That's minor compared to pole dancing. Here - have two more Silja Specials. Skoal. I suspect Seamom tossed a ball in the pool for Molle to retrieve!

Yonnie - here are two double Grey Goose on the Rocks for you and Joe. Enjoy!


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Good Sunday afternoon. It is getting near dusk here with lots of snow for this final fall weekend. Love todays venue especially today after the days' weather which has not been very seasonal. Too early for all this white stuff. I am going to sit by that pool & totally relax. I had a busy girl's weekend away scrapbooking up on a mountain. Woke up to such beautiful views but really could have been white free in my mind. Thanks for the lovely venue Mary Ann. Once again it is just the perfect spot to end the weekend.