Sunday Open House


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Thank you again, Mary Ann!
It's time to get some sleep now as I'm off to work tomorrow morning (I'm not as lucky as Christoffer... :whistle:).

Thank you for this weekend! :cheer:



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Thank you for joining us, Erik. There are 2 more Silja Specials in case you cannot fall asleep. Don't forget to bring poor Molle home!


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We finally made it! Bird Joey wisely decided not to fly to Open House this evening and has landed gently on our Mary Ann's shoulder. He asked if I thought she might have some popcorn, and I told him that anything is possible at Open House. Bandit and Cocoa are looking for scritches from anyone available as there is no digging this weekend. I actually think I saw Bandit give Horhei a kiss for the bowl of cool water! Hope Horhei's okay with that. Leon would like a tall Moscow Mule this evening and I'm still stuck on Chocolate Bananas. I picked up a tray of the calorie free variety as we walked through the bar. Mary Ann, yours is the large one in the middle!


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Linda - I'm glad you could make it here despite the snow. We thought this venue might be a pick-me-upper for those who got pounded by the unusual snowstorm. I've placed a glass of Beaujolais within reach in case you wish to sip some wine as you watch the sunset.

Yonnie - take care.

Jacquie - Bird Joey (name noted) is perched gently on my shoulder and is enjoying being hand-fed some popcorn. As soon as my hand is free, he'll receive some pat-pats on his head and scritches behind his ears. I'm sure there are some scritches awaiting Bandit and Cocoa. Aha - perhaps we have a budding romance between Bandit and Horhei! :boogie: Here is a tall Moscow Mule for Leon, and thank you for picking up a tray of Chocolate Bananas. That center one looks very refreshing! Please remember that everything is calorie free/fat free at Open House.
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We thank you for joining us today. We spent the day in the Maldives - again, a long way from home.

The bar remains open should there be any latecomers.

There won't be Open House next Saturday, but we'll look forward to welcoming you next Sunday. In the meantime, have a safe and pleasant week.