Sunday Open House


Forever Remembered
We're baaaack!

Pucci and I hope you will enjoy our choice for today...

Luxurious surroundings, beautiful pools, comfortable chairs and loungers for your pleasure - and romping areas for our furbabies.

As always, Pucci and I will be your hosts for the day.

We've left notes for Charles and Horhei - for our early arrivals, we'll have our selections of coffees and teas, various freshly squeezed fruit juices, ice water...and the stronger Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Later on, we hope Charles will prepare his now-famous Rum Punch! We thank him and Horhei for their help.

Please enjoy yourselves - I'll have my double cappuccino in hand as Pucci and I greet you later in the morning.


Captain Weather
Well, good morning. What a wonderful way to start the day. I've put on the coffee and water for tea. And, I've found freshly made muffins and buns.

MEOW, and good morning to all my furry friends, and even Bird Joey! I'll help with the water bowls between naps and exploring.



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Good morning, early birds! I'm here for a quick cup of coffee, and then off to Church....the sun is shining brightly today, and we are supposed to get some temps in the 60's! Yippee :boogie:


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Good morning and what a lovely place to spend the day!! I would love a cup of tea to start the day and I see Charles has the water ready already. Hunter is with me and has brought treats for the day. He is off exploring & I am off to sit and enjoy the lovely views.


Captain Weather
Hi KK, Reggie, and Linda--Happy Birthday

Coffee and tea coming right up. And I see that KK already has her water. Horhei must have done that.



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Good morning. Zsa Zsa and I have time to spend the morning before I have an open house of my own to host this afternoon. I'll have the usual latte and Zsa Zsa has run off to find the furbabies for some play.


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good morning what a great looking place,
Blue is with me and I would love a cup of coffee we just got back from a walk in the rain. WE only went a few houses we will try later it is not going to rain all day. This is a great place to try out for a while.


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Looks like a fun, energetic spot! Let's get a game of trivia going with a latte to begin........then later settle down to a game of Scrabble. Anyone join me? Thanks for hosting once again.

connie seabee

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I love the place of choice this week. It certainly is luxurious. I'll bring Cody Bear with for our outing today. A nice cup of tea with lemon will due for me, and a bowl of fresh water for Cody.

J.E. M.

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Good morning from Arlington, VA, just outside of WDC. DW and I are doing a land cruise visiting our son who just bought a new house and doing so some sight seeing. Yesterday we did the Mall and today we plan on visiting the Georgetown area of DC. Everyone have a good week.


Think I will have a nice hot coffee seems I forgot to get one here this morning. So nice to see all the early birds. Think I will enjoy the furry ones and then maybe settle down to Kindle later.


Captain Weather
Good morning Seamom, Connie, Maw, and Jim

One coffee, tea with lemon, and a latte coming right up. What can I get you Jim?



Trivia Specialist
Morning everyone. What a lovely spot this is and so welcome today. It's 16F out there and the sun really hasn't had a chance to warm it up yet. The boys and I are so thrilled to feel the warmth and smell the flowers here today and what better way to start the day than with friends (both human and fur and feathers) with a nice cup of cappuccino!

Seamom...I'd be delighted to play a game of Scrabble with you....I'm not good at trivia....seriously!!!