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Sunday Open House

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by ShipMaven, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. PucciK9

    PucciK9 Well-Known Member

    Woof arf meow chirp woof arf meow chirp. Thanks for your help, Horhei.

    It's good to see some of my friends here today, but first I must head to Maw's lap for a cuddle and to receive a tummy rub!!!.

    Tutak - do you have any furry ones?
    Denise - did you bring Georgie and Louie?
    Zsa Zsa - good to see you, little friend.
    Kiefer and Asha - welcome little Asha. Your brother, Kiefer, and I will be happy to bring you to Maw's lap and then introduce you to the other furbabies so you can play.
    Linda - did you bring Hunter today?
    Blue - woof to you and, Molly, meow to you today.

    I hope everyone has received their bowls of water and appropriate treats.
  2. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Jeanie - do you have a preference for red or white wine? Good to see you here. Pucci asked if you brought Jersey?
  3. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Oooops! I missed Glo! :-( Sorry

  4. Funnel

    Funnel Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor

    Oops... that was a big splash! Maybe it reached all the way to a sleeping seamom... :biggrin:

    Great venue Mary Ann!
    I have finally arrived after a day spent in Stockholm (2 hours by car, 30 minutes by metro, 7 hours shopping, 30 minutes by metro and 2 hours by car home again... phew! :yawn:).
    After some diving, splashing (sorry seamom :whistle:) and swimming I'm ready for my Sunday Silja Special, please!

    Hi Molle! "Woof woof woof!"
    Ok, I understand you would like to tell me all about your overnight stay with Pucci and Mary Ann. Did you have a great time? "Wooooooof!" :doubleup: (that means "Thank you Pucci and Mary Ann for taking care of me, so I didn't have to go back to the kennel").

  5. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Good thing Calgon isn't here, Charles. He would certainly pounce on this! LOL
  6. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Erik - I'm tired just reading about your long trek to/from Stockholm. I hope you were able to find everything you needed in your 7 hours of shopping. I'm sure you bought LOTS of nice things for all your @ddicts friends! :biggrin:

    Molle was a little gentleman overnight, and Pucci enjoyed the companionship. Thank you for trusting us with him. We showed him a little bit of our area of the world.

    Poor Seamom was sound asleep when you splashed her. I imagine she is thinking up some retribution! While she does, here are your two Silja Specials...and there are more awaiting you when you are ready.
  7. tutak

    tutak Getting EVEN closer to suspension

    We have no furry ones. I do, however, borrow the neighbors dogs. I keep boxes of large Milkbone dog biscuits in my garage. If I an working in the front yard and a canine comes by, I whip out a biscuit.

    I also go up and down the street to feed, Chuck, Rosie, Mattie, Simon and Monet. If the doctor across the street is walking her Mastiffs, they get several biscuits, but I end up looking like Dan Akroyd in Ghostbusters where I am slimed.

    I get to pet and feed them, but I do not have to walk around carrying a plastic bag.
  8. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    Hi again,

    I think I have several cc and sodas. I'm trying out Erik's method of drinking. :)

  9. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    OK - now that you've passed the furbaby test, are you having The Glenlivet or may we tempt you with something else today. Since Earl isn't paying, nothing is watered down. Everything is full strength...
  10. tutak

    tutak Getting EVEN closer to suspension

    I will hace The Glenlivet on the rocks. I then have to travel at cyber speed to Sweden.
  11. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Tutak - The Glenlivet on the rocks coming right up. Hope you can find a supersonic jet to get you to Sweden quickly! :biggrin:
  12. tutak

    tutak Getting EVEN closer to suspension

    I am travelling with Earl. He is able to go like Peter Pan.
  13. Funnel

    Funnel Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor

    Thank you, Mary Ann! I need those Silja Specials now to get some energy back.

    I found most of what I was looking for in Stockholm.
    The weather was very good; mostly sunny, almost no wind and about 40F ("warm" for this time of year).

    I brought some candy and cookies (that I got at a Christmas fair/market) to the Open House to share with all Cruise @ddicts.

    Molle is telling me all about what he experienced in Scottsdale. He tells me he liked the place and that his host and hostess were perfect and took good care of him. He also felt it was a bit warm for this time of year... :whistle:

  14. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    If you're both wearing tights, a la Peter Pan, it will reduce drag as you race though the air. Doable - except Erik is elsewhere at present enjoying Open House. But I suppose you've obtained the key to his house and have made yourselves at home.
  15. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Erik - I have an unlimited supply of Silja Specials, so please enjoy to your heart's content. I would be delighted to have 40F right now - we are only 52F as I write, quite a heavenly bit below normal for us. I LOVE cold weather! Thank you for the cookies and candies from the Christmas fair/market - mmmmm, they are delicious. I'm certain that everyone will enjoy them.

    Pucci and Molle were "yapping" away quite contentedly as we were giving Molle a tour of the area. Even though it's rather cool for us, it must have felt a bit warmer than usual for Molle, but please assure our little friend that Tomten does come here, too, despite the warmer weather.
  16. Linda&Jim

    Linda&Jim Well-Known Member

    Back for an afternoon splash in the pool and a glass of wine to follow. Hunter came with me this afternoon and is out looking for his furbaby friends. He is running off to get in his daily exercise before settling down with some treats that he brought along.
  17. Beryl

    Beryl Trivia Specialist

    Well I'm late but I could sure use a pre dinner drink! It's been a "hanging the outdoor lights" day and I've just stuck a blueberry crisp pie in the oven for the sweet at dinner tonight. A G&T would hit the spot ... with lemon please! Such a beautiful spot to enjoy a few happy moments! Thanks Mary Ann and Pucci!! ...oh yes ... the "terrorists" are here bouncing with me and loving this venue!!
  18. seamom

    seamom Well-Known Member

    Aha! Erik caught me snoozing again but with Silja Specials in each leg, when he dried off and walked by, and I pretending to still be asleep, it was easier to jump and startle him, falling back into the pool... and giving us all a chuckle as the swimming furry friends all rushed to his rescue and smothered him with CPR kisses! lol
  19. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Linda - Pucci is delighted that Hunter joined us this afternoon. He brought Hunter his bowl of water, and offered him some treats in addition to those he (Hunter) brought - thank you, Hunter. How about a chilled Pinot Grigio for you this evening? Delightful as you watch the sun set over the pool and water beyond. Enjoy!

    Beryl - you've been a busy [decorating] beaver today. Sit back, relax and I'll bring you a G&T - how about Beefeater's and Schweppes tonic? Have you ever tried Gin and Bitter Lemon? Very refreshing, IMHO. But I haven't seen Bitter Lemon in years!

    Seamom - turn about is fair play. I heard a rather loud splash - now I know what it is! But I noticed Molle didn't jump in - merely stood there and looked, snickering!
  20. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    Just arriving. Late as usual. Cody and I woke up at Funnel's this morning. Don't know how that happened. Last thing I remember, was Cody begging for my mudslide .... I think I heard SunFlower and Mama Duck making disparaging remarks, but not too sure ....

    Thought Funnel's sauna would help clear my head. Major surprise when Corky, Nieciez and Seamom arrived and, swinging birch branches, chased me out ...

    What did I miss?


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