Sunday Open House


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Oops... what am I doing in the pool again... and what are all furbabies doing here??? :biggrin:
Let's see... can I make a big splash again, or... no I'd better not! :whistle:

I just realized that I have to wake up in less than 6 hours so it's time to get some sleep.

Mary Ann and Pucci, thank you for today, and thank you for taking care of Molle!



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Erik - it was our pleasure, as always, to have you and Molle here with us. With everything currently going on at your house - especially with Tutak and bOB - I doubt you will get much sleep tonight.

Calgon - Cody sounds like he's been around Tutak too long!


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Pucci and I thank you for joining us today. Too bad Christoffer didn't stop by - we spent the day on Santorini.

We'll leave the bar open in case there are any latecomers.

We wish you a safe and pleasant week!


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Beautiful! So sorry we're later than usual. I see there's a Chocolate Banana in the 'fridge waiting for me and a Bailey's and coffee on the hotplate waiting for Leon. The boys are still at Puppy Camp and I understand they're looking forward to their Spa Day tomorrow. Bird Pretty Joey said he ate too much yesterday, so he planned to stay home today and take a nap anyway. See everyone at Open House next week!


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Jacquie - we hope that you, Leon, the furbabies and the feathered child all had a great weekend. You are very perceptive. Indeed the Bailey's and coffee are on a hotplate for Leon, and the Chocolate Bananas are in the fridge waiting for us to enjoy!


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Glad you found the bucket of beers, Jim. I'm just finishing the last of the Chocolate Bananas........:whistle: so it's off to bed.