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Good morning Everyone!!!

First I want to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and most importantly prayers. Those prayers must have been pretty powerful, because yesterday dad was transferred from hospice to an apartment in a beautiful assisted living facility, walked to the bathroom with assistance and is already up and about this morning complaining he didn't get breakfast fast enough LOL!! Now I know he's better. Mom is with him and is chomping at the bit to get out and go see her "new friends." We are thrilled to know that are parents are in such a beautiful place where they are safe and will be well cared for. I met three of their aids yesterday and couldn't have been more impressed with their professionalism and compassion. They already think mom is an angel and dad is softening up. Horizon Bay reminds me of a cruise ship, with much to do and fabulous food. However long my parents will be on this earth, I know that the remainder of their days will be spent as happy ones.

Thank you again for your support and as I said more importantly your prayers. I am convinced the best people in the world are all of our fellow Cruise Addicts!!!

Much love and hugs,


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great to hear that everything is going so well and that your father is accepting his new living quarters

you are fortunate to have such wonderful facilities where you live


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Pat...I am so pleased to read this news! I pray that your Mom and Dad will have many many good days at Horizon Bay...what a lovely name that is. It conjures up all kinds of wonderful images in my mind!


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That is awesome news!!! I remember when my dad entered an assisted care living facility. Gee, that place was very nice. It was like staying at the Radisson or something. I'm sure the one your folks are in is just as nice.

Glad they are doing well.


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Pat - what blessed news. What a relief. I am soooooo happy for them, and for you, that they're now in such a wonderful place. I know your mind will be more at ease now that both your Dad and Mom are being well taken care of.


Mary Ann


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That is wonderful news. They will be safe and well cared for. Keep us posted on their progression. :doubleup:

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This is great news - I don't know why so many are against assited living! I know that is where I plan to be when the time comes. I agree - I told Jim - it will be like being on a cruise ship everyday. Plenty of folks to visit and plenty fo things to do. Hope you parents enjoy!


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Pat that is such good news. Now you can get busy with house hunting......we seriously think that John needs your assistance! ;) I know that you can make the move now with confidence that your parents are well taken care of. My Aunt lived in a facility, much as you was wonderful. This is the best thing you and your siblings could have done for them.


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So glad your parents are doing well and was able to move into assisted living. So happy for you that the prayers worked. I never thought of assisted living like being on a cruise but in someways it is. I hope they continue to settle in well.


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I can't wait to hear that spring in your voice again, you have sounded so stressed out while this has been going on. Sounds like Dear Old Dad is making a comeback, and happy for it! Now go home tomorrow, and give Cody much love, I am sure he's going crazy!


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Glad he is doing better & how comforting for you to be there to see the facility & meet the care givers. Hope they have a lot more time on this earth to enjoy life in their new home.


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Leon and I are incredibly thankful that your situation has changed for the best! At least your dad will be carefully monitored now and your mom can probably get more rest, as well as both of you can worry less. Prayers WORK!