Surgery over & we are home


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First of all, I want to thank all of your for your prayers. It has been a very long 3 days; feel like I could sleep for a wk.

Surgeon said the procedure & reaching this was extremely difficult, more so than he expected. Said he is confident he got several good specimens from the T-11 area & decided not to intrude further up the spine. Pathologist looked at frozen specimens under the microscope & once again got "abnormalities" but not definite cancer. Many slides have been sent away. They are looking for rare cancers & blood cancers. Won't have any results for 14 days.

DD was at my side all day Thurs. I was doing pretty good until he went into recovery. The surgeon came & spoke to us at great length & I made the comment "so he can wiggle his toes?" Dr said I don't know because he isn't awake yet--he said the monitoring showed all was ok but we would have to wait for him to wake up to be absolutely sure. Ok, I can handle that. Well, 2 anesthesiologists (1 during pre-op interview on Wed & 1 the day of surgery) told us he would be in recovery for an hr or a little longer. As we waited, the time got longer & longer--90 min, 2 hrs, 2 1/2 hrs & then 3hrs! We were trying so hard to be patient & not bother the nurses but at the 3 hr mark DD turned to me & said she was going to ask the nurses to call recovery & see what was going on & that is when they brought him back. I was so happy to see him that I never inquired as to why it took him so long.

Surgeon not only talked to me after the surgery but he came back again to check on Mike about 7 Thurs nite. I was certain we wouldn't see the surgeon again til the next day. On Fri the surgeon said many drs & radiologists had looked at this & all have the opinion that this is cancer. If the series of slides that have been sent away don't give a definite result, he intends to do additional biopsies in different areas but these biopsies will not be as invasive as the 1 he just did. However, if those additional biopsies don't give a result, there is 1 additional biopsy he might do--it is much higher up the spine & will be an even more serious procedure than the 1 he just completed. He said it is his job to get us a diagnosis & he intends to do his best to get an answer. If there is still no answer after that, he says he will let it rest "for a while" but continue to monitor it. I guess what he is saying is, if it isn't cancer yet he & the others think it will be at some point.

Surgeon is setting us up with a dr to try to help us with the lower spine which is a mess. He says there is nothing surgically that can be done & says it is going to get progressively worse. The new dr will try to get some meds going to help with the extreme stiffness/pain but with the Crohn's & lymphoma it will be a challenge. At least someone is finally going to try to get him a little relief.

For those of you in the nursing field, my hat's off to you. Mike's roommate had been in the hospital 11 days having suffered an injury that required skin grafting so I'm sure it was painful but the way that man treated some of the hospital personnel was horrible. When I arrived Fri morn, Mike whispered to me that the guy was a real a***hole. It wasn't too long before I saw this guy in action. If someone treated me the way this man was acting I don't think I could take care of him!

Mike hasn't had any surgeries in recent yrs so I haven't had any dressing to change for quite a while. Let me just say that I'm as grossed out now as I was in my younger days. He's got about a 4 inch incision down his spine just a little below the shoulder blades--so glad the dr quit & didn't, as he put it, intrude any further. Nurses, once again my hat's off to you for tending to all of these things.


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Thanks for the update Kathy. I've been holding my breath for both of you. I'm not sure how nurses manage either, because some of the cases we're involved with in the lab make me so sick I don't know how they do it. We had a really bad case yesterday involving a 2 month old girl with leukemia and we're all still wiped out today. Then we get the cases like you describe. Most of the time patients act the way Mike's roommate did because they're terrified and out of their comfort zone, but then there are those who are just a**holes. I know the idea of more procedures terrify you, but at least they are trying to find out what's going on - FINALLY.


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Thanks for reporting in. You must be wiped out! Sure hope that you can get a good rest tonight. At least you seem to have a good team working to get some answers.

Take care.


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Kathy - thank you for the update. Thank God, this serious step is over. Hopefully, you WILL have a diagnosis once the pathology reports are back from the biopsies. I have the greatest admiration for you and Mike. What you've been going through is unbelievable.

More hugs and prayers being sent.

Mary Ann


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Kathy, glad to hear you are home and hope all of you can get some much needed rest. Prayers for all of you, for better days...


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Thank You so much for the update, I had been thinking about you & Mike & wondering how it went. Sorry you still don't have an answer, but at least it sounds like this dr. is going to find 1 for you.
Prayers & good thought are still coming your way from MN.


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KathyC - I am so thankful to hear from you. I, like the others here, have been on pins and needles awaiting your report. Take care and try to rest up today, we are here for you. (((HUGS)))


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Kathy, had a terrible time getting on the board yesterday, but I had to try every hour just to see if there was an update from you. Like others, I was holding my breath, on pins and needles and had all my prayers focused towards Mike and your family. Very happy that you are ON THE ROAD to getting this resolved. You sound like you really lucked out with this dr. this time. Hope you ALL get some much needed rest in the next few days.

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Thanks for taking the time to report in even though you are tired.

Hopefully all the reports will come back fine and there will not be a need for more surgery.

Prayers for Mike and you.


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Kathy, I am so glad that Mike and you are now home and both sure need it after that ordeal. We will be keeping those prayers going for Mike. Sure hope they get to the bottom of this sooner rather then later!


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I am so relieved to hear that Mike sailed through this. I guess the doc DOES know his stuff and IS very good. That's a huge relief. Mike probably needed that extra sleep time in recovery to not just get through the anesthesia but to regroup his strength. The body know what the body needs. Now with the doctor's help, Mike will get what HE needs.


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Kathy...I am so glad to hear from you...and I'm glad you are home and safe! I know that you are so happy to have this procedure behind you and now we hope and pray that when the final results of this biopsy come back they will give Mike the answers that you have been searching for and you will be able to have a plan for moving forward!

I admire you both for your courage, your strength and your persistence!!!!

Many prayers and hugs continue coming your way!


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Kathy, thank you for the update. Glad to hear that you and Mike are home and resting. Seems like you finally have doctors that are going to solve the problem. Hope Mike recovers quickly from this surgery.


Kathy have been waiting and praying with the rest so glad that procedure is over and hopefully some answer will be obtained. Good you have a dr whoi is ready to keep hunting. Hugs.


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Kathy - I am relieved to read that Mike came through the surgery okay and is now recovering. I hope that the slides that were sent off will deliver an answer so you & Mike will not have to go through more invasive procedures. I also am glad that they are going to try to get Mike some relief from his pain - I know that it must be awful to watch your loved one in pain every day and not be able to help. I hope that they can find a good pain medication that helps.

Please take care of you while DH is recovering - nap when he does, etc.