Surprising girlfriend with cruise and RING, need advice on creating the perfect trip



I'm taking my girlfriend on a surprise cruise this March so that I can propose to her. She usually takes care of the plans when we travel, so planning a trip on my own is a little foreign to me. So far I've gotten a lot of good info from different websites and message boards. From these recommendations I've made an itinerary for the trip (the cruise goes to Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, and Cancun) for activities and such (she's 23, really adventurous, loves animals)....I really want to surprise her with the entire trip being arranged and taken care of. I would appreciate any advice or recommendations on the itinerary....THANKS!!!

Cozumel: Snuba @ 11, swim with dolphins and/or sea lions at Chankanaab, head to Playa del Sol, San Fran, and Paradise beaches for lots of fun activities (maybe snorkelling, jet ski, etc)

Roatan: Go to West Bay Islands Resort for snorkelling off shore, possibly Discover Scuba, possibly snorkel with dolphins (depending on if we did it in Cozumel), and a Tree Canopy Adventure.

Belize: Cave trek tubing and then??? (need tips here!)

Cancun: 4x4 caverns and Xpu-Ha beach; visit Xel-Ha and Xcaret

Does this sound too busy? Anything I'm missing?


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Just a word of caution.

I would suggest you propose either before the cruise or immediately after (or on the last night). You are really putting your significant other in a bad postition when you do this. Of course she is going to say yes, If she says no, then the rest of the cruise is ruined. You have her cornered and how would you feel in the same situatuion? Where can you run to if it doesnt go the way you planned. Maybe she needs more time but she would never say that in the middle of the ocean when she has to sleep in the same cabin with you the rest of the cruise. You will never know if she truly wanted to get married or simply said yes to avoid a very awkward situation.

Take my advice, as one guy to the next, Do it when she has no pressure to say yes and you'll know for the rest of your life that her decision was her own..


Congratulations and GO for IT!!! The cruise proposal sounds great, I wish I would have thought of that 28 years ago. Only you know how your girlfriend feels and I am sure that you wouldn't be proposing if you didn't aready know she is ready to say yes. A cruise can be very romantic and she will love the fact that you had the initiative to plan and surprise her, I know it takes some coniving but the rewards are worth it. She will remember it for ever. We did the SNUBA in December in Grand Caymen and loved it, as for the other trips don't try to do too much as it can get very tiring trying to do it all. Sometimes you just need time to chill out on the beach and relax. Don't forget that there will be other things to take up some of your time after the proposal! (wink) Enjoy your cruise and congratulations again!


I always reccomend going to a local bookstore and purchasing a Fodor's travel guide for the caribbean. Fodor's will provide a wealth of information on each port you will visit. The guide will also provide suggestions on all the excursions and will give you websites and or phone numbers to book. I also always advise my clients to try to avoid booking trips on the ship. Book directly with the tour operator and you'll save big $$. For example I booked a trip to Stingray City in Grand Cayman directly with the charter company and paid $31 per person. People who booked through the ship paid $56.00 per person for the same trip. Good luck and if you have any more questions you may contact me at 888-249-3978 ext 4680.

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All your plans sound wonderful and I just know she will say YES, of course she probably expects you to propose one of these days!! The tours you have picked out are very good and cover about everything. Have a wonderful time and keep us posted!!!



One of the sweetest proposals I saw on board a ship was from a guy who signed up for the talent show, supposedly to sing who cares what now. When he got on stage he let go what his intentions really were. Of course she said yes.

If you are sure you know the answer I say go for it. If it has never been talked about I would either hold off or propose before the cruise and let it be a celibration.

I wish you the best