Survey on Upgrade!!! - Let's get to the bottom of this :)



Hello addicts:
From reading all the upgrades thread, it does seem like if you paid more than most ppl by means of booking way in advance, or some other reasons, then you get upgraded. And if you booked by finding the best price with your TA/online, you don't get an upgrade.

This thread will log everyone who had sailed Princess and describe whether he or she paid more than they should and whether they were upgraded. I'll start.

Cruise: Diamond - Alaska - September
Paid: Dirt Cheap
Cat: Obstructed View
Upgrade: None

(hoping to get one on Grand in Jan, although I doubt I will)

Cruise cutie

Paid WAY WAY ahead on all 6 cruises for the total by February taken..up graded on 2 of the 4 cruises..first upgrade ... inside bottom of ship to Oceanview on Caribe- 1994 on Crown Princess ...second inside on bottom of ship to inside Riviera on Regal Princess 1996... , thats it...we book 18 months in advance and get HUGE discounts plus Captain's Circle Platinum perks..but we'll see for this one coming in 70 days....:grin...Joanne


Booked 16 months in advance, got an upgrade and saved over $1000 on a minisuite on a completely full ship.


Booked well in advance, as well as only 3 months out still paid WAY less(3 day bahamas paid 214.05 per person for an inside go an ov, and princess paid 727.00 pp with 50 shipboard cred. 7 day west carib, and got a balcony BB) and got upgraded on both... the upgrade fairy works in mysterious ways, no rhyme or reason , there is unfotunately no getting to the bottom of it


Booked a JJ 7 months out at about 75% of all other advertised prices for a cat K, and got assigned an II. This'll be my first Princess cruise, the Grand on 12/4.

kathy s

Booked 8 months in advance on the Royal, upgraded from mini-suite to full suite. Other 4 Princess cruises, no upgrade.


Booked an inside, low down on Star 14 months ahead for February 2003 with a 46% discount on brochure price. Was upgraded to low outside cabin. Very pleased.

Booked a Balcony on Caribe deck on Sapphire 15 months ahead with 47% discount. Upgrade?
Watch this space. We sail on 6th January, no info yet, but ship is showing as virtually full.


Lady Jag

Four Princess cruises booked/sailed so far, no upgrades. (probably due to the fact that there are 4 of us and we're either in a quad suite or 2 mini-suites next to each other - i.e. too hard to upgrade.)

Always paid below Princess' prices.

Sometimes have "no upgrades accepted" put on our reservations because I don't like aft or stern cabins and that's where they usually stick upgraded passengers.


16 Princess cruises - only two upgrades - from an outside to a Caribe Balcony on the Grand both times, one of them was a handicapped accessible cabin. Booked direct with Princess, one was a last minute bargain, the other I don't remember. For the past few years we've been requesting "no upgrade"...getting picky about cabin location -- the last one was 24 days with 17 at sea, didn't want to get stuck somewhere we didn't want to be on that one.


We have cruised on Princess twice, the first time paid way ahead and had an outside cabin with balcony and no upgrade. The second was a great deal we found, and paid rock bottom $$ for.... 7 nights in an inside cabin on the lowest deck. We booked with our online agent about ....6 weeks before the cruise was to sail... and we were upgraded to an outside on a high deck :thumb I have seen so many people on this board get upgraded that use their online T.A and they also get a really good deal as far as the price goes. They post about getting upgradeds, money back, shipboard credits etc. I still don't think there is any real formula for upgrades, just luck... I have booked over 18 cruises on several cruise lines and was upgraded twice out of all those. We've booked suites, booked early, last minute, lowest price, full fare even once, long story :) we started booking our cruises using our local T.A. and then went to an online agent and so on. We just don't see any sure fire way to get an upgrade =shrug


First of all , NO one pays brochure rates. Do you know anyone who has. So some discounts aren't really discounts, sure you paid 46% less then brochure, but that may be the highest price for that cabin available and others may have paid 55% to 65% less.

We have paid( well ,booked) for both our Princess cruises a year in advance both times and both times got upgrades. I am sure others may have paid less then us, but others may have paid more so,,,, it is a toss up. I do think that booking well in advance increases your chance for an upgrade.

Our first upgrade was from an inside( KK) to a balcony( BD) and our second was from the lowest balcony(BF) to highest(BA) plus we could have gotten a minisuite( AD) but chose to take 250$ back instead.

It does pay to watch the prices, up until final payment time you can adjust your booking, which is what we did to get the 250$ back. And don't trust your ta to do it for you, ours didn't even though she said she would" watch for price reductions" , I guess she was too busy( fair enough) and sometimes the price reductions are very short lived, you have to act fast. We actually had to " cancel" our booking and rebook to get the 250 price reduction, which we did, but as I said this has to be done in advace of final penelty period( 90 days I believe)


I usually pay full payment on the cheapest price I can find usually 70 days before cruising. Last year I booked for an insider and it was located on the Emerald deck but a few weeks later I called my T.A. and asked if I could get a handicapped cabin on the Lido deck. My sister and I both have medical problems. She called up and we got the cabin without having to pay an extra fee for the upgrade to the Lido deck. The higher up you go the more it costs. It happened again this year when my sister kept complaining that she wanted the Lido deck again..... so my T.A. called Princess and we got the Lido deck again without having to pay an extra fee.
I LIKE TO CONTROL AND SELECT MY CABIN LOCATION so I don't like to take a risk and get whatever cabin on a garantee sp. I get really upset if I can't control and have my cabin number already set. I once fretted and worried for days when I was on a gaurantee but, it turned out okay. I am a worry wort. I don't like to gamble and I like a sure thing. Yes, the upgrade fairy is really lady luck. I prefer to just call my T.A. when the T.A.'s have to release all of the unsold cabins back to the ship and then I try to get my own upgrade.


Upgraded on about 50% of Our MANY Princess cruises. Some we have accepted and others we have turned down because we are happy with the cabin location we were originally booked.


Brian B

How far in advance are you notified of uprgrades we booked in June 04 and going on the Dawn in March 05? Could we be advised as late as boarding? It is our second princess Cruise (4th in total) and celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary for which our agent advised Princess at time of booking.

Lady Jag

Yes, you could be advised as late as boarding. If you have a cabin assignment by the week before departure, I would guess you'll be in that cabin, but I've heard of some people being upgraded at the pier as they embark with Princess.


I have never been upgraded 7 Princess cruises..booked in advance 3-6 months via diffrnt methods, ta. I just wounder how many posters are confusing upgrades via grantee take lowest cabin class and later get re-assigned a better inside to out.

I also on several trips have traveled solo..I pay more and ina way get less....

Colo Cruiser

Had a balcony and an inside for our boys on the Grand in March and upgraded to the family suite for 5 of us. Cabin will sleep 8.


Upgrades worked in very mysterious ways. My husband & I and 2 other couples were booked on the Dawn Princess last April 2004. Booked Feb 04 on a inside cat. k gte. The cabin was assigned 2 days prior and all three of us were given outside cat. D, all three side by side. I thought that was very lucky as we were first time Princess people. It truly is luck and what the computer spits out.

We are all going, with teens this time, this March break March 12 on the Caribbean Princess but it will be more difficult for any upgrade as I have a quad cabin the others are a triple. We are all booked on an inside.

As some threads have said the upgrades are a gift, if you will, from the cruise line. But remember all the inside & outside cabins are the same size, maybe the odd one a little larger but basically the same size, its just the location of the cabin. As some threads have said some locations are much better than others. Now most balconys are larger and you get the balcony. Then there are the mini suites and up. To be upgraded to that is pure gold.

As for prices, they range from all prices. I am a travel agent and the rates vary from week to week, ship to ship. Prices can change at a drop of a hat. Example, you might get a better rate because you live in a certain province or state, 55 and older gets a better rate, if you are 54 to bad, the cruise lines have a deal on Tuesday but not Wednesday. Some agencies have group space on a certain ship and get a better deal because of that. And sometimes by booking in advance you do get a better deal. I had clients that booked a back to back cruise (eastern & western) with Celebrity in March for a Jan sailing. I faithfully kept checking for a better deal, none came up, in fact the rate went up. I am sailing on the Caribbean Princess this March and the rates have not gone down.

So there is no secret formula. No magic system, booking on line or with a travel agent, doesn't make a difference. It is luck as to what is left, people do cancel at the last minute I know I have had clients cancel
the day before the cruise, so some lucky person would of got their midship balcony. Although I would like to think that some one who booked way in advance would get priority over some one last minute then there is the loyailty factor, what level are you with a certain cruise line. I'm sure someone who has sailed 20 times more than someone who is on the second cruise would get the upgrade but who really knows.

Hapy cruizing.