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Survey on Upgrade!!! - Let's get to the bottom of this :)

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by lisalovlee33, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. DJA

    DJA Guest

    Star mentioned it earlier... there is a distinct difference between getting an upgrade and being assigned an up-category cabin on a guaranteed booking. Taking a guarantee comes with a certain level of risk as to cabin location. If you choose to take the risk, then as with most risks, there are rewards -- in this case landing in a higher category cabin.

    In reality, this is exactly how the cruise line wants it to play out -- they need to keep their lowest published fares available for booking right up until the last minute in order to attract more passengers to fill the ship ...and the lowest published fares are the inside cabins. Basically, if people with inside guarantees land in higher category cabins, that means the cruise line was successful, in that they sold the inside cabins to passengers who wouldn't purchase a more expensive cabin, thereby filling the ship. At the same time, they've made a bunch of people with inside guarantees really happy so they'll become repeat passengers.

    We've cruised with them 18 times now, and we've only been upgraded twice that I can recall ...and I've never booked a guarantee. Lately I've even stopped requesting upgrades, we're getting picky about cabin location and you can't always get your original cabin back if you don't like the upgrade.
  2. Luci

    Luci Guest

    I have cruised 20 times on different ships. I always look at what decks are located under and above me. I make sure they are quiet decks. I also choose a location near the elevators. I also like to be near the Spa so I can use their private pool and jacuzzi that most people are not aware that they exist.
    I am very PICKY like DJA . I have learned what I want and I don't want and I don't really like surprises that may upset me and that is why I never choose a "guarantee". My T.A. is more adventurous and likes guarantees for me but I always say,"no". My chances of getting a balcony is like winning the Calif. lottery...... slim chance in a fat world.
    What a CRUISE COMPANY CONSIDERS AN UPGRADE IS NOT REALLY AN UPGRADE TO ME. For example; I could get upgraded to a noisy area, lowest deck, near the anchor where you can hear lots of noise at 5a.m., a deck that has a dinning room that makes a lot of noise late at night where the chairs are being moved around and waking me up. The stranges noises I have heard is like a ball bearing rolling back and forth in the next cabin.
    One time I was going to be upgraded when I arrived at the ship but my roomie had not arrived from her city to meet me there so another couple got the upgrade to an upper deck. The ship messed up by waiting until the last minute to do the upgrade and it didn't help that my roomie wasn't there yet. Plus, I was stupidly fighting for my original cabin. LOL. Plus, I was never informed that I was in the process of being upgraded. I just thought it was an error.
  3. snaebyllej

    snaebyllej Guest

    Usually book 1 to 2 months ahead. Last 3 Princess cruises have all been booked as minimum inside guarantee:

    2000 Crown P: upgraded to outside.
    2003 Golden P: upgraded to BC balcony.
    2004 Grand P: upgraded to outside.

    Crown and Grand were full, Golden wasn't much more than 1/3 full. All were transatlantic, so it's not like we're talking about the normal Caribbean situation here.
  4. sailinsal

    sailinsal Guest

    After fifteen cruises; and always booking obstructed view staterooms we were upgraded to balcony from Dolphin Deck to Aloha on the Star Princess last October on the Transatlantic. We were paying the two for one price in the mailing brochere in April; booked with prior ghost booking on the ship with prior Panama Canal Cruise. Our upgrade was noted at the embarkation when we checked in at portside in Venice. We enjoyed being Elite members at the same time. Yea! sailinsal
  5. usher

    usher Guest

    Have booked as far as 5 months in advance, offered upgrades but turned them down because we were traveling with other couples and the cruise line couldn't guarantee or keep our rooms together, even on the same deck. This is one of the negatives about being upgraded.
  6. smge46

    smge46 Guest

    when do they tell you about the upgrade? does this happen when you check in on the boat?

    how do you check for list price of your room? go directly to princess website? i called 2 different TA's and found that their fares are about the same as what's listed on princess website. both of these TA's also told me that there is no more rooms available on sail date that we want.

    but when we call princess, they still have rooms available, so we went ahead and booked through princess. we did this 90 days before the sail date which could explain why the price has gone up and why TAs couldn't offer competitive rates.
  7. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Booking a cabin is like the stock market...... prices can go up or down. I always buy when it is at the lowest price. I have cruised 20 times so I know my rates.
    When T.A.'s tell you the ship is sold out then it is best to check with Princess because they will get all of the last minute cancellations and can sell you a cabin.
    Presently the price is high for Alaska which is the next cruise I plan to go on. I am waiting for a lower rate and if I don't see one I will check with Princess what deals they have at the last minute. I am free to book any week since I am retired. They are always sending me specials through the mail too and e-mails.
  8. smge46

    smge46 Guest

    wow, 20 times, what a life :)

    is there a general rule of thumb on the rate? or is it dependent on destinations?

    i shopped around before i purchased this mexico riviera trip, looks to me that on average, the rate is about $100 per night per passenger on an oceanview room.

    HAL seems to have a higher nightly rate for some reason. Princess, Celebrity, Royal and carnival are about the same. NCL was lower, but almost all the reviews I read here about them were bad.

    then there is disney and crystal cruises which is waaaay up there, but then they offer special stuff that the other cruise lines do not offer.
  9. Olga

    Olga Guest

    I booked a BC Balcony guarantee for the Golden P May 1 cruise. Just made final payment and my cabin on my pre-cruise docs show a cabin number in the BC category. Has anyone received a cabin assignment and then been upgraded again? I really don't want to be because the cabin I received is mid-ship and I'm gonna love it.
  10. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    my general rule of thumb is less than or at 100.00 a day for a balcony cabin... i alwasy book based on price first...

    Grand princess december 7 day west carib727.00 per person with 50.00 per person on board credit for a BB balcony which really made it 677 per person
    May voyager of the seas 8 day 724.00 per person for a balcony cabin mid ship deck 8 ...

    i have been very blessed in finding great rates,,, the other 2 three day cruises were under 250.00 per person for inside cabins....
  11. marye

    marye Guest


    We are also booked on the Golden for May 1st. Booked BC guarantee and just got BA room assignment, on the Caribe deck.

    We have booked guarantees with Princess twice before and always got the same category that we booked. This is our first upgrade.
  12. Olga

    Olga Guest

    Marye, that is so great for you! I guess I'll keep checking the Princess site, but really I don't want to be upgraded unless it is a more desireable location. Perhaps we'll meet onboard!
  13. Janie1111

    Janie1111 Guest

    Went on our first cruise Nov.'03 and booked a mini suite and were upgraded to a full suite. It was our 25th anniversary but don't know if that's why but it was wonderful. Going to Alaska on the Sapphire in June and booked an inside cabin and hoping for a upgrade. We got spoiled in the suite especially the bathroom.
  14. leer

    leer Guest

    I have cruised 6 times and I have been upgraded on 5 of them. Only once I did not get upgraded since I reserved the room in advance. All other I have chosen GTY.

    RCCL - booked inside gty and received outside (3 months in advance TA)
    RCCL - booked lowest inside gty and received highest inside. (2 months in advance TA)
    Carnival - Booked lowest inside gty received same catagory. (4 months in advance TA)
    Princess - Booked lowest inside gty and received cat BB with balcony. (2 months in advance direct)
    Princess - Booked outside cat F and received outside cat. CC (2 months in advance online)
  15. chm1219

    chm1219 Guest

    We got terrible prices from the travel agent who was telling us that the ship was already almost full. We called Princess, who offered a good selection of open cabins. So we booked direct with Princess. I'm curious on how to inquire for an upgrade-do we simply call Princess back and ask if there are any available, or wait for them to contact us? We booked in January for an October 05 cruise on Caribbean Princess.

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