Switching to an oceanview...worth it?



My husband and I currently have an inside cabin on the Century on the Panorama deck. The travel agent said it's $300 total to upgrade to an oceanview. Is it worth it? Is there a difference in rooms besides the window? I am nervous I'll get motion sick w/the window. Thanks in advance.



Hi Newtocruise,

Cabin selection is really a personal preference. Usually the standard inside and standard outside cabins will be nearly identical in size and layout. You will be able to pull the drapes to eliminate the ocean view, so the sea sickness concern should not be a problem. As many cruise veterans will agree you may spend little time in your cabin, primarilly changing clothes and sleeping. For your first cruise the inside or outside location should not be a concern, you will most likely enjoy yourself, and form your own preferences.



My husband has to have at least an outside cabin. Makes no difference to me. We were on the Panorama deck also, outside. If your TA monitors prices, and they drop, you can possibly upgrade that way. It is a great deck....no noise...Enjoy! JANZ


Well imagine if you had no windows in your house.
If that wouldn't bother you then stay with an inside cabin. When I read that people don't spend much time in their cabin on a cruise I just assume that they are not in a suite or a balcony cabin. There really is nothing wrong with the view.


It really is a personal thing, but as far as you feeling more motion sickness you can always close the drapes. The drapes are totally room darkening and make it look like night, or you can just close the sheer curtains and have light but not a lot of view. I personally like to see daylight and enjoy watching the islands go by and see us coming into port etc. It is really beautiful in the Caribbean and to have a view of it is really nice.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that the one time out of 18 cruises that we had an inside cabin, is when we felt the most motionsickness. For us having an outside cabin helps, a balcony is even better :grin Also make sure your cabin is midship if you are really worried about seasickness, it is the best place to be :thumb

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I was taught that motion sickness occurs when your body can't reconcile the feeling of movement with a visual cue to justify it. On flight simulator type rides they tell you, if you start feeling queasy, don't close your eyes.



You can be just as sick in an inside as an outside!!! LOL!!! Don't bother with the upgrade. If you want to do an upgrade you should try it at the dock when you check in...you could probably do it for $200 if available.

You will love the inside...you sleep better in the dark!!! Once you are in the cabin you will be comfortable and cozy.



I've cruised in inside cabins, "outside" cabins, balcony cabins...and we're going to Alaska next month in a couple of Sky Suites...

Frankly, it makes little difference to me...just get me on the ship...You get the same food, the same entertyainment and the same ports...

And, it's really not like having "a house without windows" at all...For most folks, you are only in your room to sleep and change clothes...At nightm the view out of the window is generally blackness...The one major difference withg an inside is you don't know when morning is...so you learn to depend on wake-up calls...

The ordinary inside and outside cabins are IDENTICAL in size and configuration...There is not much difference until you get to a "balcony"...There you have a similar cabin but a little extra usable space outside...so, depending on your lifestyle (say, you enjoy a drink before dinner while your spouse is getting dressed or you like room service breakfast and it's nice to eat it out on the balcony), the balcony really is a step up...But, of course, THAT upgrade...or the upgrade to a Suite...is a lot costlier...

But, if money is any kind of issue, you're not getting all that much from just a small window...I'd save the money and use it on your bar bill, a shore excursion or a nice souvenir from one of the ports...Or apply it to your NEXT cruise...Save $300 bucks for a few straight cruises and it's like getting a free cruise...


I prefer a window but if I can save $300., I will go for the inside cabin. This is the trick I use when I am in a inside cabin during the day...I take a flowered table cloth and duck tape and tape the cloth across the open door and I position it where people can't see inside my cabin. I just love doing that. I know it is tacky but it works for me. I can feel a brezze sp. from the hallway. My sister prefers inside cabins because she only goes to the cabin to take naps and rest before dinner. I like to watch t.v. so I stay in the cabin a lot.


One channel on the television is the bridge cam and shows you a view from the bow, so if you have an inside cabin you can always use the TV for your "window".


The view "point of view"... is highly overrated. In the caribbean or coastals (other than Alaska) you can't see anyting but water most of the time anyways. That being said I like to see outside all the time. But our first cruise was inside and I would go inside again to save money and get on the ship. But breakfast on the blacony is Just unbelieveably grreat.


One More Opinion!

Just don't think having a window is worth it! Normally, there really is not that much to see out of the window. Being out on the deck is soooooooooo much better than being in the cabin.

Now, having a BALCONY is worth it at times(like going through the Panama Canal)!

Just put me on the ship and I'm happy!

:) NellieB


We love balconies, but have just booked a cat 9 inside on Skydeck for our Mercury cruise in January.

We really want to cruise again soon after our 17 Night Westerdam in November, and this will put us up on the highest passenger deck just a few steps from the outside. We blew the budget on a Cat A large stern Verandah stateroom on the Westerdam and will have to go inside for a while now-LOL

6 of the cruises below have been balconies and in all cases the balconies have ranged from $62 to $128 p/p. per day. When the price is right we take it , otherwise just happy to go!!

Oceanbreeze -October 1995-5 night W. Caribbean
Destiny -May 1999-7 night Eastern Caribbean
NCL Majesty- August 2000 -7 night Bermuda
NCL Sun-November 2001-13 night Repo Boston to MIA
Paradise-May 2002- 10 nights S Caribbean
Carnival Legend-Sept 2002-15 night Transatlantic Crossing
Royal Olympia Voyager-Feb 2003-15 night Amazon River
Rotterdam- June 2003-7 night Canada-New England
Enchantment of the Seas-Sept 1 2003-5 nights Cozumel and Belize
Costa Mediterranea- December 14 2003 Western Caribbean NEVER AGAIN!!!!
Oosterdam-March 14th 2004- 7 nights Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam Nov 12 2004- 17 nights Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale
Mercury Feb 7 2005- 11 nights Mexican Riviera


the difference between an inside and a room with a window is minimal... Personally, I save the money. I agree that a balcony is a different story, but that's not what you asked. Personally, I don't think a balcony is worth it unless you can get one of those that are oversized.

We often sail in insides.



Concerning the room, ditto what Nellie said. Have a wonderful cruise, the Century is great!

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