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T G I F Afters...



Wow, it's Friday already....

We have temps going up to 86 degrees today, pretty warm for fall in Michigan. But we will take it, no problem.

May be going to Frankenmuth, Mich. for a day trip this weekend. It's a nice German town, with lots of shops and a wonderful family-style chicken dinner. We have some free dinners coming for birthdays, and it's a great place to buy Christmas gifts.

Hope your Friday goes by fast, and have a good weekend!


No one is happier to see TGIF this week them me, LOL even if I'll be by myself most of the weekend. I am going out to dinner tonight with DD Mindy though. Leatherneck will be working all weekend. I may go see the new Jodie Foster movie on Saturday...my boss saw it last weekend and said it is good. My garden needs my attention too....may cut down the dead stuff and plant some mums...we will see how my enegry holds out :lol :lol

Hope you all have a fun weekend and play safe!


Morning Afters. I have the day off because I have a medical appointment today. That should take a chunk out of the afternoon. Beautiful sunny warm day here today. Will water my flowers in a bit I hope to enjoy them for a few more weeks anyway.

Busy weekend on the agenda. We need to get the yard work done which we have neglected for a few weeks. And then just the usual chores around here. Supposed to be a nice weekend with rain coming in on Sunday afternoon.

I've been so busy for the last 6 weeks I'm going to take some time to just kick back and relax as much as I can.

Make it a great one everyone.


TGIF in Philadelphia will be warm (mid 80's). off to see the Philadelphia Orchesrtra this afternoon at the awesome Kimmel Center.
breaking the fast at my MIL's house for yom kippur. looking forward to kippered salmon. yum. have a great weekend.


Cool here in the Springs,may be working for my son,doing his sales calls,lol,getting new stores for him,he just got promoted to regional manager,he also is involved with a new girl who has a 10 month old daughter,her husband died in the air force over a year ago,he never got to see his baby,I have been loving her up!


the afters,
were hanging on the rafters
after one too many more
then they hit the floor ;)

we're running out of olives, one complained,

more ? anyone ?


Happy Friday everyone! Sunny & warm here today - spent some time out on the deck. Getting ready to go back to bed with movies and a good book.



p.s. Hucc - pass the martinis this way....


WooHoo!!! Its been great weather here in Riverside, ca. Mid 70's.
Well Everyone have a great weekend!!!! :)