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TA Problems



To make a long story short . We booked a cruise on ship TA said we could transfer it back to her for there group rate and that is what we did. Called the group department today to find out final cost this is not till next June. need to budget for next year have a rough idea just wanted to confirm the exact cost. TA did not transfer to the group as she said she did per her email they i still have. The group saves thousands compared to the ship prices and doesn't compare to other web base sites this group rate is less money. Only a few cabins left in the group. if we cancel we lose our shipboard credit and our cabin selection per booking on the ship. Do we have any thing we can do. I feel the TA didn't transfer to her group department as she will make more commission on our higher quote from the ship Hope this makes sense Pam


What is the shipboard credit vs. the savings?
Have you discussed this with the TA yet, and asked why it was not transferred, if she says she transferred it then tell her to get it straightened out with Celebrity, if she two steps it, tell her to transfer it or cancel it. Then make sure to keep following up on it till your satisfied.


I guess what you also need to do is ascertain from Celebrity/(fine print on your onboard booking) if there was any restriction to that booking in the first place. eg. not transferable. If not,, then as bOB says maybe your TA is giving you the two step. In the end you may have to decide based on the best info you can get.. savings for the group..vs..cabin# and more expensive.