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Tahitian Princess Questions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Joe Connolly, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Joe Connolly

    Joe Connolly Guest

    Does anyone have information regarding the dining setup on these cruises?
    The ship had 4 dining rooms, main, Italian, Steak and the buffet. What will happen to these? Will the 2 specialty restaurants remain as specialty restaurants with a charge? Will there be 2 seatings? Will Personal Choice be available?

    What about dress code - will there be formal, informal and casual night?

    How will layover time between ship disembarkation and flight time be handled?
  2. Toto

    Toto Guest

    I think we may have to wait for all of the particulars and I am actually wondering if that isn't why the first couple of cruises are going for such a low price? They will have to get things worked out on these ships and that might take at least a few months. I do know one thing, flying out of Papeete is a virtual nitemare and always has been.
  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    On another forum, someone mentioned that there were two dining rooms (must not be including the extra charge specialty ones) and that Personal Choice would not be offerred. That's a plus for me - I prefer traditional.

    They also feel that there may be a lot of bugs to work out. Plus, Princess is using two charter airlines, that I don't recall the name of but they claim these do not get good ratings from people. Radisson uses Air Tahiti Nui which supposedly is well thought of.

    I'm going to wait until they get the kinks worked out and there is some feedback.
  4. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    I sailed on the R3 so will offer some observations... there is only one main restaurant and, as I understand, Princess will offer two traditional "seatings" for dinner in that restaurant. The buffet restaurant will be open 24-hours. In the buffet restaurant, there is a pizza "window" where Renaissance offered pizza in the afternoons. There is also an outdoor "grill" between the buffet restaurant and the pool area where burgers, etc were offered at lunch time. I assume they will use the Ren steak restaurant as a Sterling Steakhouse (on other Princess ships there is an additional charge and I'd assume there would be on these ships as well). The Ren Italian restaurant will no doubt be used as the alternative Italian on Princess as well.

    I hear Princess won't be making very many decor changes in the short term, except possibly to the showlounge--to make it more functional for production acts, etc.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Joe Connolly

    Joe Connolly Guest

    Does anyone have anything regarding dress code? I've heard that there will be formal nights. I'm not sure I like that for Tahiti.
  6. herb

    herb Guest

    If you check the Radisson and Princess message boards at Cruise Critics you'll read quite a number of heated (but NOT nasty) debates on the pros and cons of each of the available cruiselines to Tahiti. Very interesting and extremely infomative. Would love to cruise to Tahiti, and have gained LOTS of information regarding the 2 cruiselines just from reading the 2 message boards there.
    herb :)
  7. Frank

    Frank Guest

    >I hear Princess won't be making very many decor changes in the short term, except possibly to the showlounge--to make it more functional for production acts, etc.<

    Even more reason to wait and see. The Ren may have taken a beating over the years and could have some needed refurbishing. Princess may have gotten a good deal on their lease and that may lead to some good pricing but it wouldn't seem like it would encourage them to upgrade the cabins as it would if they owned the ships. JMNSHO.
  8. Joe Connolly

    Joe Connolly Guest

    After talking with Princess several times the best information I can get indicates that there will be 2 traditional dining seatings in the main dining room with 2 formal nights. The 2 smaller restaurants will be specialty restaurants with an additional charge. Air will be a charter, probably World Airlines but they are still exploring the possibility of others.
  9. mouse

    mouse Guest

    Thanks for the info about this cruise...keep it coming. I am considering booking in the next few days and need all the feedback that I can get. How bad are the charters that Princess uses? I have heard some people are asking for what is called "air deviation" to avoid the charters and have more control over their flight times.
  10. Frank

    Frank Guest

    If you don't like the charters Princess uses, you could always check out the prices on Air Tahiti Nui that flies there too.
  11. dave

    dave Guest

    I just booked, you are correct--2 formal nights , also first and second seatings assigned.
  12. Emma

    Emma Guest

    We are on the April 23 cruise (Cook Islands). We are taking Air Tahiti Nui from LAX as our air deviation. TA getting our seating today (2-4-2). Princess is our "first" choice in cruise lines; second Holland America.

    We were scheduled on R4 cruise to sail 4 days after the bankruptcy. We have balcony cabin again but can't fly business class this time. Our TA is doing a "group" cruise so we got a better rate.

    Hoping to hear from others on our April 23 cruise.
  13. Jackie D

    Jackie D Guest

    The ship was built in 1999 so I dont think it should be too worn ! I think the maintenance on the Princess ships is the best of the mainstream cruiselines that I have been on. It seems to be ongoing. The R ships were in good shape when they went into bankrupcy so that wouldnt be my first concern. The biggest thing is that Princess needs to get its act together on the details- like embarkation, disembarkation, pre and post cruise etc.
    Does anyone know of there is a self service laundry on this ship ? I also cant imagine the formal nights being so formal. This is one trip that I will have my DH leave his tux at home.
    We are booked for 8/1.
  14. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    What is the latest on the air for this cruise? Any updated information regarding times for the charters and what you are all doing with your air deviations?

    We are going on Feb 22 - Marques Islands - anyone else on this cruise with us? :jump
  15. Stevie

    Stevie Guest

    We are on the Feb.2, sailing and have booked an air deviation from LAX. We were told that the charter would be Omni Air. No flight times. Researched their web and found that they fly DC10's. Checked out Air Tahiti Nui and liked the newer planes with 2-4-2 configuration. Booked the deviation with good flight times. We already have our seats picked out. We paid the deviation fee plus more because we booked a different class of coach. Both flights are during the day, so we don't arrive in the middle of the night. We just don't like surprises and didn't want to wait until 60 before the cruise to find out what we were assigned. By then, there would be no scheduled seats available. We had a hard time getting the seats that we got. Good luck which ever way you choose.
  16. Joe Connolly

    Joe Connolly Guest

    Stevie - What can you tell me regarding the deviation and what is the "different class of coach"? We had booked early but backed out because of the lack of information on air arrangements and dining arrangements.

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