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Taking alcohol on board

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by mom4kbd, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. mom4kbd

    mom4kbd Guest

    Can you bring wine on board? I went on a CCL Cruise in May and was able to bring a couple of bottles of wine on board (in my luggage). Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks!!
  2. howlingwolf

    howlingwolf Guest

    We called RCCL and they said no. Their reason was that it isn't the cruise lines views but the customs agents at embarkation. Now if that was the honest truth.... We are going in Jan. on the VOS and we are going to pack a bottle in the carry on bag just to see. If they confiscate it, no big deal. There are sites posted on previous messages that will deliver a 'gift baskets' to your stateroom before you leave on your cruise so you can have your wine and goodies ready to go.
  3. JoseMari08

    JoseMari08 Guest

    I got on the SOS in 2007 and my friend had a bottle of wine on her carry on luggage, they confiscated it. To complete it off she kept beeping at check point and they made her take off her shoes, etc to check. We thought it was hilarious and my other friend tried snapping a picture of her getting frisked and they almost confiscated my other friends camera. I thought it was funny!

    However, we didnt have a problem bringing alcohol on board when in Nassau, Bahamas but they take it and return it to you on last day of cruise.
  4. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    There are signs ( your friend probably didn't see it ) that says no photography in the security area. They're pretty strict about it.

    If you want to bring a bottle or two on board, put it in your CHECKED luggage. I have never had a problem with it in the checked bags.
  5. JoseMari08

    JoseMari08 Guest

    [quote Mbandy]There are signs ( your friend probably didn't see it ) that says no photography in the security area. They're pretty strict about it.

    Yea security pointed out the sign as she was getting in trouble.. It's good they are very strict, our safety first.
  6. Karin

    Karin Guest

    If you get caught they will take it but we can get it back after you get your luggage when you come back. You won't get your luggage back though until after the ship leaves which really sucks. It's happened to me 2x; they took the big bottles but not the single shot ones..go figure.
  7. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    It depends on whos checking you, some of the guards can't be bother to check and some go through
    your things witha fine tooth comb!!
  8. jmetzger

    jmetzger Guest

    I have put it in my checked luggage and never had a problem. We like to take a bottle of booze for drinks. Never been questioned or had it taken.
  9. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    Take a chance, If they catch you, you will get the bottle back on the last
    day of the cruise.
  10. AlBel509

    AlBel509 Guest

    So your saying I could pack a bottle of rum or vodka in my suitcase and have those suitcases checked in and most likey they will let it pass through back to my room?
  11. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    You got it!!!good luck
  12. AlBel509

    AlBel509 Guest

    Awesome! I was really wanting to bring our own "drinks" so we're not spending so much $$ on them.. Good Info! THNX
  13. fitz623

    fitz623 Guest

    I pack it every cruise NEVER had any problem use bubble wrap.
  14. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    I just came back from a cruise on the Jewel of the seas. I had 1 bottle on my
    carry on and 2 bottles on my check luggage . did not have a problem. I bought a bottle
    of rum in the Cayman. no problem bringing the bottle on board.
  15. didddly

    didddly Guest

    We are booked on Independence in May and travelling from Southampton so (since we are Brits!) no flight involved. I was hoping to take some clear spirits in my luggage (not hand luggage) and it sounds, according to the previous posts as though that will work with any luck! I wanted to ask if anyone has knowledge of wine prices on board and also if you're able to buy wine package type deals on board and then take them to the cabin? I can't see why not - we've done that on NCL and British cruise lines, but this is our first trip with Royal Caribbean. Any hints and tips would be gratefully received!
  16. tmoore4075

    tmoore4075 Guest

    Yeah I bought a bottle of scotch in St. Thomas, granted a small bottle and brought it onboard no problem.
  17. andybott

    andybott Guest

    we too booked on indepence may .we thought about a box of wine and playing dumb if found ?
    just say it was for anniversary drink for wife! maybe also do you know about price's for beer.
  18. Texaspepper

    Texaspepper Guest

    RunRunner Flasks. That's the answer. Clear, strong and will pass XRay in your suitcase. Fill with your favorite and pack it and forget it. I have 2 32oz and 1 16oz. Works great. Go here and click on the RumRunner's Flask.


    LOL...I have in the past, but no more....they are very strict, and no more returning alcohol found in checked or carry on luggage. I just order a bottle of wine for the room. Our last cruise, some tablemates were late to the first dinner, explaining they had been in the "naughty room", cracked me up the way they said it. The 80 year old Mother had been caugt with some SMALL bottles of liquor, they leave a note in your stateroom to report to a conference room, where you stand in line, they repeat the cruise policy over and over, and you are finally given your luggage. They reported of gallons of liquor, home containers, small bottles like the nice old lady had lined up all over a few tables. The old gal whispered to me once she got to the table "Don't you worry dearie, they didn't get it all....." LMAO !!!
  20. We have taken a couple bottles of wine (securely packed) in our checked baggage on a few cruises and we have never had a problem. Reading about other stories in this forum, it sounds like we were lucky.

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