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Taking alcohol on board

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by mom4kbd, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. michelle6213

    michelle6213 Guest

    I have always taken large bottles of liquor on my past cruises. I have seen and heard of passengers having a sticker placed on their bag that said something to the effect of alcohol inside, but was told that that was it. They did not take it out or have to go to the naughty room. Althouogh it seems that they are getting a bit more strict. I guess to try to get you to spend more money onboard. I might suggest placing it in a rum runner container or something similar that will not show up on the xray machine. Good luck......
  2. Luv2BatC

    Luv2BatC Guest

    We just got back from sailing on the Mariner of the Seas. My friend had a bottle of wine in her checked luggage and they found it. All her luggage was delivered to her room except for the one with the wine in it. Later that eveing she received a letter stating she had to go to the conference room to claim her luggage. She had to open her luggage in front of them and remove the bottle. The same thing happen to me a few years ago on NCL. NCL offered me to pay the corkage fee of $14 and I was able to keep the bottle of wine. I don't believe the cruise lines offer this anymore, since I don't see it written any where on their alcohol policy. BUT they do state in their alcohol policy that if you are caught concealing any alcohol they can stop you from sailing on the ship with no refund. I haven't seen or heard of this actually happening to anyone but I don't want to be the first.
  3. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    And all to save a couple bucks .....
  4. andybott

    andybott Guest

    All to save a couple of bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!(a few hundred more like)
    well paying £5.50 for a pint of beer is scandalous.(even dick turpin wore a mask?)
    The royal carribean iots which we have just got off charging these prices is beyond belief so anyone who say this should be budgeted for is a fool.
    you can walk into duty free on board and buy 1ltr of spirits for £6 but you will pay £6-7 pounds for a glass of the same at a bar am i missing something here ?
    yes they need to make a profit but do your maths and work out the mark up on bottle
    I took two 3ltrs boxes and bottle of baileys on board no problem so i say good luck to all who get away with and save a little for your next cruise!
  5. brobinson

    brobinson Active Member

    Do not try to take it carryon. Packed baggage should be fine, especially if you use rum runner flasks.
  6. Karin

    Karin Well-Known Member

    I take alcohol on board all the time in clear bottles if it's dark; if clear like vodka, gin, etc. fill up water bottles with the stuff.
    Also take your own water; better than paying $4 each on board.

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