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taking alcohol on Golden Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by David, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. David

    David Guest

    Trying to clarify alcohol policy (reality) about taking wine or port onboard for cabin consumption. Am on transatlantic cruise next week and understand that the policy is now NO alcohol permitted and that it is being enforced?
  2. SpongeRob

    SpongeRob Guest

    They don't mind you bringing a bottle of wine or champagne (or port) in your hand luggage. Don't try to carry a whole case on board, however. Hard liquor and beer are frowned upon and might be confiscated.
  3. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    SpongeRob is correct, wine will be no problem. If you wish to bring hard liquor on board, wrap it up and put it in your checked bags. On my last Princess cruise, I just purchased a bottle thru room service for in cabin consumption, even though the bottle is more expensive than buying it at home and bringing it on board, it is still cheaper than buying the drinks in the bars. I have never had a bottle in my checked bags confiscated, and did this as late as Thanksgiving. May want to (depending on what you drink) buy miniatures and scatter throughout the checked luggage.

    Have a great time, tell Will hi from John & Tony
  4. SpongeRob

    SpongeRob Guest

    The prices for hard liquor purchases on board are really very reasonable. A bottle of rum and three cans of coke run about $15-17 US, which is a very good price and eliminates the hassle of carrying bottles in checked baggage.

    You can even pre-order ahead of time, using the order form that will be included in your pre-cruise information booklet. It's a little cheaper to get it from room service once you get on board.

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  5. tutak

    tutak Guest

    SpongeRob, do you have a list of liquors and prices that can be bought on board and taken to your room?
  6. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    Once again, I see written policies not being enforced. I just returned from the Golden and was really, really surprised to see beverages being brought on board. The policy does say that you can bring wine on board, so I didn't pay attention to anyone carrying that, but I did see a 12 pack of beer going on board and not being confiscated. I also saw a 12 pack of soda go on board and it didn't get confiscated. The couple with the soft drinks had gone shopping and everything was out in the open in their grocery bags. I'm pretty sure they didn't get anything confiscated.

    I had planned to buy some wine to take on board, but it just didn't work out. So I bought through room service a bottle of wine to keep in our stateroom. That worked really well. Next time, I'm going to bring wine in my luggage - that way at the end of the trip, I'll have room to pack all of my goodies!
  7. SpongeRob

    SpongeRob Guest


    Here are some sample prices from the Cruise Answer Book. I think all the prices are $2 cheaper if you purchase on board for all items.

    Liquor (priced per liter):

    Chivas scotch $37
    J&B scotch $27
    Jack Daniels whiskey $27
    Smirnoff vodka $22
    Beefeater gin $ 22
    Bombay Sapphire gin $27
    Bacardi Limon rum $22

    There are also liquor and mixer packages - one 375 ml bottle plus three cans of mixer

    Gin and tonic, Scotch and soda, Vodka and tonic, Bourbon and coke, Rum and coke, all $17 ($15 on board).

    Wine, including sparkling wine and champagne, ranges from a low of $22 for Asti Spumante to $112 for Dom Perignon.

  8. David

    David Guest

    thanks to everyone who replied - just booked this (our first Princess cruise) and haven't received documentation or reference material yet.

    Really appreciate you takiing time to respond.
  9. tutak

    tutak Guest

    SpongeRob, thanks for the prices. The price for Beefeater, Sapphire, J & B and Chivas are almost exactly of the prices we pay here in Akron, Ohio. But where are the gins and vodkas that I actually buy for around $10 / liter. I will have to upscale my palate and wallet.

    David, you have an enjoyable cruise.

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