Taking mini-bottles on board



Calgon I knew I liked U for a reason. :grin U will be a Gr8 addition for Our End of the Cruise Garbage Can parties on the Jewel and Westerdam. :lol


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Calgon.. You are bad :lol

we always carry on wine and champagne on Princess.
and the first thing we ask the steward is to make sure that we always have wine glasses and champagne glasses. and ICE!
when we are on a group cruise, we usually know about how many we will have coming to the cabin for a drink.. so we ask the steward for X amount of glasses.. They always come through.

As for people who smuggle the hard stuff.. I guess that it does not annoy me.. because I think that perhaps for some of them, this may be something they have really saved and worked for, yet money is tight, and so this is the way that they save.
Also Mbandy has a very good point.

I wish they went back to doing what HAL used to do.. when you went into their booze shop on the ship, there were two prices. One was for the booze you wanted to carry off. it was the lowest price. Then there was a few dollars more for the booze you wanted to take back to your cabin. it was the best of both worlds.
You did not have to smuggle, it was cheaper than the mainland booze.
Then they stopped doing this.


I am nu to this site. this is the funniest thing i have ever read. i just by some 6 packs of water, slit the shrink wrap on the bottom, refill the bottles with vodka and use clear packing tape on the bottom of the 6 pack. what cruise are you going on. we are on emeral princess 4/9/09. i wud love to be in line behind u.



I WILL be in line behind him, Aug 12 on the Alaska Duck Cruise on Sea Princess. I guess Calgon won't be wearing shorts on embarkation day! LOL!


If Globug is right behind me, I know I'll be walking funny!!!!!!

Be warned lady, I have [size=x-large]pastry brushes[/size]!!!!