Takshanuk Mountain Trail By 4x4-Skagway


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I booked this excursion through the cruiseline. Only 5 people booked through our ship. Fortunately for us, 14 people from 2 other ships were unable to dock in Skagway and Haines, due to high winds, therefore making our tour a little more personable.

One of the couples rode with the tour guide. 4 people can fit comfy in the mules.

This tour is great for the somewhat adventurous but not stupid. The mules had governors on them to re-strike the speed. The mules were very easy to drive, only to find out towards the end of the tour, dh had power steering where mine was not. It really didnt matter as I was able to maneuver the automatic mule with ease.

We were greeted by someone outside the ship. We were given stickers to take the ferry over to Haines. Once we docked in Haines, the tour guide drove us to their place. The mules are kept in a garage.

The did provide rain gear. We wore, sneakers ( I strongly suggest closed toed footwear), windpants, t-shirts, flannels, sweatshirts, jackets. I brought gloves but did not need them. Dress for the weather. If the sun is shinning, bring sunscreen. We had drizzle of liquid sunshine.

The mules have a small enclosed compartment where you can put your stuff to protect it.

It was a somewhat slow moving tour, but the scenery was spectacular. We stopped at their cabin, which the owner built himself. We were welcomed home with fresh out of the oven cookies, hot chocolate, coffee and a wood burning fireplace to warm up.

Back onto the mules, for more breath taking scenery. We stopped a few times for photog opportunities. Back down the hill to their cabin for lunch. I am not a fish or poultry eater, but they had smoked chicken and the best halibut. Side salads that were out of this world. We all ate like piggys as the food was so good.

The guide drove us back to the ferry (in a van) to get us back onto the ship.

This tour is on the pricey side, but we felt it was worth every penny. Life is short and who knows when we will get back to Alaska. DH and I rank this tour among the top tours we have done.