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Teen thinks 1st cruise will be lame...

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by GloBug, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Does anyone have any idea what I can tell my 16 yr. old daughter what the teen club will be like, what kind of activities they will have, etc? She's sure the whole thing will be lame, and she is threatening to spend the entire cruise (4 days) in the stateroom, on the balcony, with her books and her guitar. sigh... so much easier when she was 6! LOL!
  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    We took my daughter when she was 17 and she has been addicted ever since. She didn't even go to a teen club and she still had a wonderful time. I guess she didn't mind our company :lol you never know when they are teenagers. Just let her see for herself, because it doesn't sound like you will be able to talk her into liking it since she is convinced she won't like it or will be bored. She will come around once you are there :thumb
  3. Ali

    Ali Guest

    My daughter will be 19, finally achieved her Diamond Status in the Crown & Anchor Society last year and informed me that she no longer wants to cruise..rotten kid!!

    As far as your daughter in the teen club, don't plan on it. The activities are there, but the older kids don't seem to utilize them. Your daughter already has her mind set that she won't like it, there isn't really any sense in trying to talk her into it. She'll just have to experience the cruise for herself.

    My daughter stopped going into the teen thing when she was 15. She finds things to keep herself occupied on the ship and I let her go on her own as long as she checks in.
  4. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I have the opposite problem, my daughter loves to cruise and always wants to go :lol she is all grown up with a family of her own now and we have taken the three of them twice ,and now my grandaughter loves it! She always asks to go again. So we are taking my grandaughter this Aug. without her Mom. Some quality grandparents time :thumb Maybe your daughter will change her mind in a few years when she looks back on it and remembers all the fun she had.
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Hey I lost my little cruising buddy....she really has no desire to go again. She started sailing when she was 11. Now I could never tire of it, but that child is just weird. I'm sure if the "boyfriend" were going along with us, she would see things in a different light. :lol Last year when we did the back to back on the Adventure, you would have thought she was being tortured the entire 2 weeks and I could have sailed again for another 2. :lol KIDS!!! ARRGGGHH!!!
  6. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    You are all too funny! My teen got into a bit of trouble last night, nothing really, but I told her in front of her friends that her punishment was that she HAD to have a good time on the cruise! Now she's laughing about her "punishment" and says it's crueler than I can imagine! I'm really hoping she likes cruising, because I would hate to leave her home if we become addicted, and want to go to Alaska in 2005.

    Any hints on how to tie her up and put her in a closet for 7 days next year?
  7. GloBug:
    Hi my name is James , im 15 and my dad showed me your other post about you daughter bringing her guitar on the cruise and i was going ask the same question , then he showed me this post...I'v been on two cruises and have brought books,decks of cards,and other things to keep me busy.....I didnt use one of them because i wasnt in the room long enough to get any of them....I thoght the same thing your daughter did on my first cruise but i didnt say anything to my dad....When he told me we were going on another cruise , i couldnt have been more exited ....We are going on another cruise on 9/12/04 and we are already getting ready for it.....I'm going to bring my guitar (electric with no amp) on the next one but i dont think i will use it more then 1 time....All in all i think she sould at least try cruising once to get a feel for it....Tell her "Its like trying a different guitar brand , you will never know how it plays until you play it." (i play a Carvin DC135)

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  8. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Heres my idea.... how about leaving her home (with family or with a friend, of course) and not make her go. That way shes not upset about doing something she doesnt want to do and it wont spoil your time, because I think you will be preoccupied all week worried if she is enjoying herself. Cruising is so fun, but thats just my opinion. It's hard, but I accept that others dont feel the same as me. Thank God both my kids LOVE cruising!
  9. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Glo, some good advice from James. And Nat has a good idea as well. Though, if you're willing to roll the dice yourself, a four-day cruise might be a good way to test the whole thing with your daughter (if she doesn't like it, at least you're not on the boat a whole week).

    The way our daughter, who as you know had the same preconceptions about cruising, dealt with it was to ultimately hang out with us. I finally sat down with her and said that since she has always had a great time with us when we're traveling as a family (to England or wherever), why not take the same approach on this cruise? It turned out to be a good idea, and she ended up enjoying herself much more toward the end of the trip. Once she was able to let go of the notion that her cruise needed to be non-stop laughter ith other 17-year-olds, she had a good time. She is REALLY looking forward to our cruise next month on Mariner. And I mean really. She's talking about it more than prom, or even college, which are both right around the corner.

    I feel for your daughter, because I would have had the same opinion when I was in high school. Most people who have never been on a cruise have an outdated view of it, I think. Even our friends -- most of whom are in their 30s and 40s -- are shocked that we've taken to it as much as we have. But it's much cooler than we ever expected. Sure there are some aspects of it that don't fully gibe with our wordview, but all in all, we think it's great.

    Good luck!
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    I HAVE thought about leaving her home, but then again, I figured, how is she going ot know if she does or doesn't like it, if she doesn't try it? Besides, her idea of not going is to stay home BY HERSELF! Did I mention she's 16??? Not gonna happen!!!

    I won't make her join the teen club if she doesn't want to. She's an "only" and she and I are very close and we always have a good time together, so I am sure that we can do so on this trip. She can stay with her aunt next year if her mom and dad become addicted, and we want to go to Alaska...

    Sigh... if only there was a super Mall on board, I KNOW she would love it! LOL!
  11. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Glo my daughter is an "only" also and spoiled doesn't even begin to describe her. :lol On the Monarch she found kids her own age to pal around with in her "younger" days. Last cruise on the Adventure she was actually old enough to sit at the bar with me...and drink wine. Oh did that make me feel old.

    The kids activities are really geared for the little ones, with the older kids looking at them as "lame," at least my child did. My daughter has always sat on the balcony and read for hours while sailing. She's not really a pool or sun tanning person but would sit up on the pool deck reading or just walking around the ship exploring. Your daughter will be fine and she'll be able to keep herself occupied. It will be a new experience for her.

    If you become addicted like the rest of us, try one of the Voyager Class ships for the next cruise. You won't see her for the entire week on that ship, except maybe at dinner.:)

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  12. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I agree with Ali, and GloBug I think you are right, she will never know if she likes it until she tries it. I would just relax and go with the flow. I have heard this same worry on this board more times than I can count. The end result is almost always positive and the kids/teens have a wonderful time. So I would go with the odds and hope for the best and not dread the worst. If she doesn't like it then you will know for the next time and make other plans for her.Heres to you both having a great cruise :cheers

    Edited to add: That this week is cruise week on the travel channel starting today April 11th. Maybe your daughter would like to watch it with you and maybe get a chance to see what it is like on a ship.

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  13. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    When my kids were young, they thought that a trip to Target or Costco was an adventure, so you can imagine how they felt about cruising! Anything that didn't involve making their bed, taking out the trash, or mowing the lawn was greeted with heartfelt enthusiasm. The good news/bad news was that we hardly saw them on our cruises.
  14. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Oh heck, I know that I want to watch the travel channel if this is cruise week! I might have to tape the whole week! Thanks everyone for your input. It's been so helpful. I've been able to see both sides, and I won't push her to join the teen club, and I won't even try to get her out of the cabin if she really really doesn't want to leave. sigh... no, i'll try to get her out of the cabin, what am I saying???
  15. AL H

    AL H Guest

    My oldest 16 did everything from the teen club to just hanging out. He signed up for the teen club but did not participatein all things.The second day of the cruise he forgot about the girl back home and startred having fun on board. My youngest 15 thought the teen center was boring did not forget the girl at home but still had a great time at the pools in the game room sleeping in and eating and drinking not having to clean his room and even caught him making a friend
  16. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I agree with you Glo, you should take her (even though I was the one who suggested leaving her home with family) and at least give her the opportunity to see if she likes it. Like I said, I cant imagine that she wont like it!! Have you considered letting her bring a friend? Maybe one of her friends would have the means to come along? 3rd and 4th person fares are cheaper than 1st and 2nd.... something to think about.
  17. wblynch

    wblynch Guest


    Tell her they have Salsa dancing and lessons in the Boleros club

    Take her to Karaoke (my daughter won the karoke contest on Monarch over Labor Day weekend)

    Then get her to go rock climbing.

    Then schedule a mother / daughter day at the spa. Facials, massages and all the trimmings.

    Take the El Bufadora sightseeing and shopping tour in Ensenada. You'll both have a blast shopping at the bizzaar.

    Your 4 days on the Monarch will go by so fast she'll really be missing it the week after you get home.

    I think the key is don't make her do "kiddy" stuff. Let her do more adult stuff.
  18. KathyN

    KathyN Guest

    As a teen the most frightening thing is being somewhere new without one of your friends to help you decide what's what. They are terrified of being noticed by other teens and judged lacking in some teenage way. Going to the teen club would have been definitely not cool when I was 16 (unless I had another teen with me) as I felt much older and wanted to be where I might find boys that were older (18, 19) and they certainly wouldn't be in any teen club.
    I think the spa treatments would be fun for her and something you two would have fond memories of for years.
    Help her get settled in a deck chair with her books and sun screen and a virgin margarita or whatever and then go away for awhile and see if she doesn't attract some friends her own age or a little older. Then she will be all smiles. It is going to these areas alone that unnerve teens mostly but they don't want to be with their folks in situations where they are trying to look more grownup and make new friends.

    The solitude teens often seem to desire is really just a way to protect them from being seen as awkward.
  19. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    just tell your teen that she will never see any of these people again in her lifetime; so let loose, relax, and have some fun :)
  20. suretocruise

    suretocruise Guest

    We also are taking our teen on Mariner 04/03/05. Unable to take a friend with her. She seems to be excited. But also a heisitation in her voice. I hope that with all the activities around she will enjoy herself. I really would like her to meet some teens to hang with. I hope since that is spring break season she will meet people. All in all I know I will have a great time and maybe that wil rub off on her.

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