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Teen thinks 1st cruise will be lame...

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by GloBug, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. dreamer

    dreamer Guest

    took 4 kids on the explorer...
    the 17 yr. old. is the night owl...slept in most mornings unless we were getting off the boat.....he enjoyed the gym, the pool, just watching everybody is fun around the pool and the activities they have, he liked the evening entertainment and he met most people his age at the hot tubs in the evening.
    the 16yr old....enjoyed the above but really didn't hang too much with him...she was brave and went to the teen nights herself. he was too cool to do that.....
    oh...did i mention that in our first port, we met the parents of the girl he sat in the hottub with....boy was that funny....I wondered how he knew my son's name.....
    my 13 yr old wasn't as brave as her 16 yr old sister...she got herself involved in the activities but really enjoyed the inline skating/ rock climbing etc.
    the 10 yr old went to every event she could...she loved it.

    so there is an outlook for 4 different ages and 4 different kinds of kids. The one thing they all loved was the room service, the waitress/waiters in the dinning room. They knew all there names and made each feel special. They loved ordering anything they wanted to eat...they loved the shopping on the ship....they enjoyed dressing for dinner...they enjoyed it all!!!
    It was our first cruise and can't wait to go again. Take her to the hot tubs the first night and see what happens. She will love it......don't have any worries at all.
    You will have a great vacation.
  2. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    THANKS EVERYONE for your great advice and ideas. I am going to stop worrying about her having a good time, and just tell her to pack her good attitude! I know she can't go wrong...
  3. For my sixteenth birthday my parents took me on a cruise we actually went on the Sovereign when it was a 7 day cruise. I had so much fun. I meet so many people on that week. One of the girls that I met, she and I are still friends actually 12 years later. We met at the Teen Disco and had a blast. We met boys, we danced the night away. But, I will say that she will have to be pretty outgoing to really enjoy the time. There is so much to do and the Monarch is a big and older ship, it's first sailing was spring 11 years ago. But in all I hope that you have a great time.
  4. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You don't have to go on a new ship to enjoy a cruise, no matter what age you are. Also you don't have to have rock climbing walls etc. a cruise is fun for all ages. Sure cruising is not for everyone,but more people than not, enjoy their first cruise and go again....
    Also I wanted to =welcome you to cruise-addicts :wave I guess by your board name it is safe to say that you enjoy RCI :thumb
  5. I'm the father of a 21 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. We've been cruising with them 4 times over the last 6 years. They both LOVE to cruise. We can hardly get my son to leave the ship on departure day. Some suggestions for you to possibly make it easier for your daughter:

    Introduce her to these and other cruise boards. Don't make her post anything, but just let her see some of the topics and how some teens try to communicate before their cruise and arrange to meet on the cruise. Ideally, this may make it less awkward for her once you're on-board. On our second cruise, my son (14 at the time), started talking with another teen from Massachusetts about 4 months before the cruise. They agreed to meet at the arcade as soon as we had checked in. From that point on, they were constantly together on the ship (separated only when we took family excursions when in a port). They still email and chat together 3 years later.

    Let your daughter assist in making the plans for the cruise. Let her know that at 16 she is a young adult and her opinion will be considered in making the plans for dining times, shore excursions, etc. Let her be a part of the experience from the outset. Show her options and opportunities to do different things, try different things during meal time, etc. Let her make her own decisions about these. Once on board, give her her "space" and independence. If she finds other teens to hang out with, you'll hardly see her while on board. If she doesn't, she'll come looking for you as the only port in a storm.

    Sit down and talk with your daughter NOW and let her know tha t only she can make herself happy on this cruise and experience all it has to offer (foods, people, locations, spas, shopping, etc.). That you as the parent can make these opportunities available to her and that she is old enough to decide for herself if she wants to take advantage of any of these opportunities. Try to make as many "sacrifices" as you can such as agree to give her 10 - 20 minutes per day on the internet to check her email and send email to her friends back home. On days at sea, agree to let her stay up until ??? the night before and sleep in until ???. Remember above all that if this is to be her vacation too, what your idea of vacation and what her idea of vacation may be two separate things.

    I hope this helps!!!

  6. Hal

    Hal Guest

    Our children have been cruising since they were 12 and 14 respectively. Never, never have they utilized the teen clubs. Both of our boys view them as lame. Rather, they throughly enjoy the rest of the ship and its amenities. Our oldest even has formal wear for the formal nights. Actually, the ships treat most teens, as long as they are behaved, as well as adults and let them take advantage of most everything. Tell her she will enjoy and she will.
  7. nerak

    nerak Guest

    Our daughter went on her first cruise a week before turning 17. She had a blast! She hung out in the teen club and at the pizza joint on the promenade until LATE hours (she carried a radio so she could check in). The next year, just before her 18th b-day, we went again. This time the teen club slightly interested her, but she felt too old to check it out. Finally she headed to it, reluctantly. As she got onto the elevator a boy asked her if she had been on the Voyager the year before! Turns out they had hung out together on the previous cruise. Unfortunately the teen club was a bust on this cruise, but she hung out with friends in the evening....hot tub, pizza, basketball courts, etc. Day time hours, and meals, were reserved for the family, (which was great with her). The night time was hers. This year, she was too old for the teen club. We also do not drink so the clubs were not an option she wanted to try. She was very content to hang out with us. She is still into cruising and ASKED to go on an Alaskan cruise with me in May....just the two of us. Needless to say, I felt honored...and jumped on the opportunity. After all, how many 19 year olds, finishing their first year of college, still want to hang out with Mom....and on a cruise. BTW....great advice earlier to allow her to help choose the shore excursions. This will help make it "her" trip also. Have her give it a try. You will get to spend some great times together.
  8. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Well, we stop in San Diego, Catalina, and Ensanada. I told her that she could pick any stop to plan it any way she wanted. She picked San Diego, and said she wanted to go to the San Diego Museum of Art, as they will have a Dali exhibit while we are there, and she loves Dali. UNLESS her aunt who lives there would be home then. She is, so we are visiting my sister in law that day. On Catalina Island, we are going in the semi-submersible to see the under water life, while hubby scuba dives. We didn't care for any of the tours in Ensanada, so it will be a few hours of shopping and eating the local specialties! Ay Caramba!!! She's happy with all that, she's just unsure that she will meet any other teens who will thinks it's lame, and so in her same frame of mind. I told her she won't be the only teen forced to take a trip with her parents, and she's bound to run into another teen who thinks it's lame!
  9. Griffen

    Griffen Guest

    GloBug- I live in San Diego and it's great! There are many museums in area near the Art Museum (Natural History, Science Museum) and many other things to to, inc. the the world famous zoo! (it may be too pricey for such a short time in SD, especially if you want to do other things) All that stuff is located in Balboa Park. Your teen will have lots of fun! So will you :)
  10. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    The teen age alien life form and her lame mom who is forcing her to go on this cruise went out tonight (on a Friday, that hasn't happened for a loooong time!) and talked, and I told her she could just hang with me instead of going to the teen thing. She rolled her eyes a bit, but she was grateful I wasn't going to force her to go lame. She said she's looking forward to napkin folding classes. I said they might even has a sarcasm class. She said not to get her hopes up!
  11. DDGagnon

    DDGagnon Guest

    I am planning our family cruise for next March and am interested in the teen programs. The cruise.com website lists the age groupings as 12-14 and 15-17. We have one child in each of these (13 and 16 at time of cruise).

    Are they allowed to come and go throughout the day or do we have to "check" them in and out like a daycare? They seem interested in attending some of the events but not all. I don't want to spend my time looking at my watch to know when to go get them.

    If I understand the programs correctly, there is no additional costs. Am I right? Even the video games at the arcade are included?

    We are leaning toward Royal Caribbean but haven't ruled out Carnival completely. Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both cruise line's teen program. I am not even surethat Carnival has one for the older teen. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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