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Teens On Dawn?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by janz, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. janz

    janz Guest

    What is the teen program like on the Dawn. My daughter will be 16. Thanks, JANZ
  2. mariamc

    mariamc Guest

    hi we are going on the dawn on 02/29/04 i have two daughters 13 and 9. i will let you know how it goes for us with the kids crew program if you like. if i forget to post you can email me at thaddues63@aol.com after our trip. we will be back on 03/7/04. just when you email me say it is a cruise addict member. because i always just delete mail if i dont know who it is... happy cruising maria mc. :)
  3. janz

    janz Guest

    Thanks so much! You must be very excited. We just booked for 2/10/2005..one year and counting..JANZ
  4. CaroleF

    CaroleF Guest

    Hi -I'm also interested to hear about teens on the Dawn, but a boy, age 13-14. Would appreciate any feedback!

    We're traveling at Easter.
  5. supernova

    supernova Guest

    I was on the dawn in december, I wasnt in the 12 and under kids programs, but from what I saw, the kids liked them.

    As for CaroleP: The teenage program which I was in (I was 16 at the time) was pretty good, there were many activities for us to do, and they werent kept bland. Usually during the afternoons on shore days there is nothing, because they expect you to go somewhere. But late afternoon and evening, there is always something to do in the teen program.

    Also I assure you, there are many teens there, he will make friends and when there isnt a teen event going on, simply hanging out on the ship is fine, many things to do, and it doesnt get boring.

    Heh I liked the ship so much im making my parents take me there in June 6th again :p
    I just have to keep telling them its a graduation present. (Graduating HS this june :p)
  6. mariamc

    mariamc Guest

    hi back from the dawn 2/29 thru 3/07. we had a great time, the weather was perfect, the food was good. my daughters 9 years old and 13 years old both had a great time at the kids crew. my 13 year old is very mature for her age is is quite shy, however she did manage to make great friends all from age 13 thru 17. we had dinner with our daughters only twice, because they wanted to hang out with their new friends. the teenage counsler was leeanne, she was very laid back but i think that is why the teens liked her. the activities ranged from scavengre hunts, teen karaoke, they had a pizza party, one night they were asked to bring thier favorate cds and just hang out at the teen club and listen to them. they played volley ball at stirrip cay and went on a little hike to the other side of the island. they went as a group to the movies and the shows. on the last night they had dinner at the venetian with their counsler leeanne. the first night my daughter did not want to go, but by the 2 day we barely saw her.. :( . any questions please feel free to ask my email is thaddues63@aol.com feel free to email me, post on it cruise addict questions, so i do not delete it thinkin that it is junk mail . hope that you all have a great time on your cruise .. maria :)
  7. CaroleF

    CaroleF Guest

    Just got back (4/4-11/04). The teen program is ages 13-18 and mostly girls. Our 13 year old son found this overwhelming and wouldn't go. He didn't make any real friends, but had a great time anyway, relishing the freedom ... and buffet. He's trying to make us rebook. The teens met in a lounge, because the Disco area was used for younger kids.

    The video arcade costs quarters, and has a change machine.
    Two-way radios are a must. Recommend paying extra for small ones.

    Room cards for kids and teens come with a hole already punched. Bring a lanyard or beads so they can wear it round their necks. This is also a credit card! When our son charged a couple of gift-shop items, they asked if he had permission and wrote it on the charge slip.


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