Tell me about Aruba


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I'm leaving in 10 days on the Grand Princess " Caribbean Collect for 14 days. I have NOT booked any land tour yet. What do YOU think i should see when on the island of Aruba ? Thanks in advance

Cruise cutie

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What do you want to do???..see churches, land things..snorkel also?? hit stores or not..see a lovely light house and goats?? and a superb view?? go jeeping over rough terrain??.beach it and the bars hit 'em up "party bus"...
they have reasonable rental cars, buses pretty cheap etc..and tours...

we stay *IN* Aruba for 2 weeks every other year at our time share.since 2001.:cool:..and EACH Caribbean cruise the opposite year the last port has been Aruba.. :loungelizaed:

I know we really enjoy that tell me what you have for interests ,and I'll try to help..

they drive on the "american" side of the road..and it is really easy to navigate..Happy Research.....Joanne.


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Cruse cutie - jumping in here. We will be there from 8 - you suggest we rent a car, and if so, what agency is best for us to rent from? Do any of them p/u from the pier? Thnx!


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I have been to Aruba several times on land vacations - have done all the suggestion in Joanne's post. Lots of fun.
In addition, if want to go to the beach, the Divi Resort beach if free. Have a great visit in Aruba

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they do have online rental , we peruse the rates, and use whoever has the bets one..they have them AT the pier, and used to AT the careful to pick the one you need, but Mark told me there has been a change and the off site is both off the airport, and pier side, so visit the car sites, plug it in ,and rent..we've done them all Hertz, National, Dollar etc..

they come with air conditioning... you'll need it...:bigsmile: Aruba has a year round base temp of 88F...
if you Jeep -4x4 just remember take ALL your goodies..if there is no's a temptation to have stuff lifted..also

Aruba is 24 hours a day WINDY and your hair gets blown, dust flies in a Jeep, and I LIVE in a ponytail with my long hair pretty much 24/7 unless IN a restaurant!!'s OK with me..but just so you know....hehehe.....Joanne


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Joanne - We just booked on the Grand Princess for next February and will be there 8-8 along with Corky. Tell me what your perfect day ashore in Aruba would be and can you navigate the island easily without a car rental? We love a good beach day but would love to see some of this island too!




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Jeanie - thanks for the thumbs up on has b een a long time dream of ours to go and we are thrilled to finally be able to. Yippee!!

Cruise cutie - thanks for the telephono call this a.m. I appreciate the help and enjoyed our chat! (((HUGS)))

Bostongal - Congrats on your new is a great itinerary and you get to cruise with other C@'s...woo-hoo!! :boogie:
We have been to Divi resort last year. Beautiful place ,lots of shade
and its free. There is a Casino near by, but we didn`t go in!


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CC is certainly the resident expert on this one for sure. :doubleup: Been to MANY beaches on Aruba and had a Gr8 time each visit. I am thinking perhaps our next visit we might actually try the sea route and do a Catamaran excursion. :scratch:


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We will be there from 7-5. Is there enough time to take a half day tour and visit a casino to make a "donation"?. Which casino is closest to the pier? Thanks.
We will be there from 7-5. Is there enough time to take a half day tour and visit a casino to make a "donation"?. Which casino is closest to the pier? Thanks.
When we were in Aruba we got off the boat and there was a brightly colored school bus that we got on for a 1/2 day tour. It went around the island and we saw the coach's visiting each area that the bus visited as well.