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I am a 55+ female married to my DH Leatherneck for 37 years. We have three daughters, 8 grandchildren who we are fortunate to have living within a 15 mile radius of us. We also have 2 dogs, Buck a yellow lab and Georgie and Poodle/Bichon mix. I was born in Philly, grew up in South Jersey (Bellmawr) until Leatherneck took me away to see the world. We ended up in the Fredericksburg VA area (been here 20+ years onw) when he retired from the Corp. I work in Washington DC for the US Department of State as a Telecommunications Specialist. I administer a large telcom contract for the Department’s voice and data network. Leatherneck and I have been cruising since '94 and it is our favorite mode of vacation. We are looking forward to our next, The Great Escape!


i'm a 47 year old female and have been living with my honey, garry, for 6 years. i have two daughters, laura and kacy, 24 and 17. i grew up in long beach, california but have been living in the philadelphia area since i was 19. i used to own a florist/gourmet gift shop and i'm currently unemployed. my passion is cooking---> actually, all things culinary. i also love to read and listen to all sorts of music. to say that i love cruising would be an understatement. went on my first cruise in 2002.... you know the rest!


I am 54 and have been divorced for many years......I just haven't found that "special guy" that would make me want to take the plunge again.....but I'm still looking! :lol I have one beautiful daughter, and her and my son-in-law have given me 3 beautiful grandchildren, ages 5, 3 and 17 months (the 3 yr. old being the only boy so far). I also have two dogs whom I love dearly and one of them is blind and deaf and will be 15 yrs. old in November. I discovered cruising in 1996 and fell in love with it before the ship had even left home port my first time. My next one is scheduled for March 08 and will be my 19th cruise. I live in Houston, where I have lived pretty much my whole life and work in the Texas Medical Center at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Since I've discovered cruising, I don't take any other kind of vacation and have absolutely no desire to take a "land vacation". I've taken all my cruises with my best friend, and she and I share the same passion for this type of vacation. We no longer do the dining room dress up thing and now take all our meals at the Lido deck buffet and have found that since doing so, we are so much more relaxed on our vacation. I've been a member of Cruise@ddicts since it's inception, however don't post near as often as some of you do, but I do live vicariously between cruises reading about everyone else's cruise! Since I'm not sure which board to post on now, I will pretty much just be a lurker from here on out.....but I still love reading everyone's posts, looking at your pics and hearing about your cruise, pre cruise, and everything inbetween.


Hi everybody. My true name is Tammy and I've been married to my hubby for 17 years. We met in Daytona Beach, Florida where I was born and raised for the first 25 years of my life. I earned a BS in psychology and a minor in sociology. I actually became a pharmacy tech and worked for 10 years in that field. Right after my husband and I graduated from college and got married, we moved to Oklahoma City so that DH could go to FAA training school. We ended up living in OK for about 10 years. Then, one day, DH was offered a job up in Fairbanks, AK as an air traffic controller. So, we, along with a basset, a parrot and my mom, hit the road and drove up to where we are living now. We actually live in North Pole right across the highway from the Santa Claus House. My mom suffered a major stroke and is in a local nursing home. We still have the basset (Elsie Mae) and the parrot (a green monk/Bobber) as well as a golden retriever (Jake). Since moving up here, I've been a housewife but am currently looking for part time work. For us, our love of cruising started with our first cruise back in 1991 on the Carnivale to the Bahamas. Besides cruising and just general traveling, I enjoy photography and anything relating to viewing animal wildlife. My hubby is also a retired Naval officer. He was medically discharged due to a tumor in his leg which has led to him having a rod in said leg. That is one reason why we love to cruise. It's easier on him with his disability to cruise rather than take land trips (due to moving from one hotel to the next). He's 47 and I'm 40. Our favorite cruising line is HAL. We are not into night life. We've been there and done that!

That's about it for my life's story...You all can wake up now! lol


Hi! I am 56 years young, married with 2 terrific adult kids, girl and boy. I have 3 cats, who are totally loved to the max.

I was born and raised in the western 'burbs of Chicago, IL. I am a food service supervisor in charge of a grade school lunch program. Hubby retired this year after a bout with prostate cancer (he's okay now).

My first cruise was on the Sovereign of the Seas, way back when. I thought I was in heaven for 7 days. I was giddy non-stop and barely slept in order to experience everything the ship had to offer. Since then, I have been on at least one cruise a year (still giddy)....... except for last year. After shopping around, I prefer the Royal Caribbean line.

I come from a family of cruisers, but alas the dates they are going are not working out for me. I am looking under rocks for a cruising buddy this year, as my hubby is not as enthused as I am on cruising. (It's okay, he is the cat sitter and airport chauffeur) So I am in total cruise withdrawl. But it'll happen.

I love this AFT Deck.....I love the fluff, photos and personal stuff.


I am (well almost) 52 years old, married 21 years to my wonderful husband. I have 2 daughters, 1 stepdaughter, 4 grandchildren 12(boy), 6, 4 and 4 weeks :baby (girls). I live NE of Atlanta near Decatur, Ga. I have lived in the Atlanta area for my entire life (they say that no one is from Atlanta but there are many more than anyone thinks! In fact I am a 2nd generation native Atlantan. I am an electrical designer in the consulting engineerign field. I am really tired of doing the same job for the last 25 years but it is too late to change so I solider on until I can retire, well at least I hope that I can retire some day and take advantage of last minute cruise specials :D. I have been on 4 cruises and can't wait to go on many more.


Hi I'm Meg and I am 44 years old. I just married my partner of 15 years and we raised my now adult daughter from my first marriage. We also have a cat that keeps me company. I am currently disabled and housebound since surgery in 2005. I was employed for 10 years in the natural foods industry doing retail pricing/data entry and assistant to the Specialty foods Coordinator. I loved my job and miss it every day. Cruise @ddicts is my lifeline to the world. I come here everyday to read and love hearing about other people's cruises. We try to cruise every year but that is getting difficult with our income. Favorite cruise lines (we have more than one): Princess and HAL.




Hi everyone, my name really is Herb and my DW is JoAnn. We both have reached the 50+ mark in our lives. We've been married 26 years and We have one daughter (25), Stephanie.
We live in the borough of Queens in New York City

I work at a Country Club/Catering Facility in Long Island, NY as a Maitre D'. It's my job to make sure that everyone who has booked their wedding; bar/bat mitzvah; prom; and all other social & corporate events leaves with a smile on their face. My "uniform" for work is a tuxedo which explains my absolute dislike of getting dressed up on vacation.:D

JoAnn is employed as an office manager for the Queens Library, which is a perfect job for her since she is an avid reader. She recently went back to college, worked hard and is very proud at receiving her B.A.

Our daughter Stephanie works as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital which specializes in treating seriously ill dogs and cats. We all love animals, we have 1 dog and 4 cats, and this could be one reason why she chose this as her profession.

What do we like to do on vacation? ....... 3 guesses :lol


Hi,my name is Korina and I have been married to my husband John 13 years this December. We have 3 childre,a daughter 30,and 2 sons 27,and 26. We live in Colorado Springs,Co for the last 12 years but our hearts belong to WI our home state.

John works for a cable co.,Comcast as a maintanance tech and I just quit my job due to several bounced checks from the company I worked for,presently looking for something.

Have only cruised since the year 2004,3 cruises,next up,Mexican Riveria next August on Carnival Pride.


I am a 58 year old Cruise Addict, and my name is Kathy.I have been married to the same wonderful guy for 40 years and have 2 children. My oldest daughter Laura has been married for 10 years to her hubby Bill, and produced one beautiful grandson Jacob , who is two.
My youngest daughter, Danielle, is 18 and going to college to become a graphic designer like her big sister and brother-in-law are.
My husband Richard is retired from Lucent Technolgy as a electrical engineer. He worked there for 35 years, and we have been cruising since the late 70's. I work at Curves for women and enjoy talking all about cruising to the members there. In fact, about 15 members are cruising with me in two weeks!
A very important member of our family is Cricket, our sweet little pom...she is 8 years old and absolutely adores me! Hmmm, maybe that is because I adore her!!


I am married for 39 years to dh DAVID and we have 1 dd Stephanie and 3 grandsons.
My husband is a retired truck driver and my last job was in medical records in the local hospital which I am now retired from.
I love to cruise and have been doing so for about 10 years and dd and grandsons love cruseing also we all try and cruise once a year.
This year we have been doing land cruiseing and I rather cruise anyday and am looking forward to up coming cruise in Feb with cruise addicts.


Hi, my name is connie (no capital!) and I am a cruise addict. I am not quite old enough to retire, but I had to recently anyway for medical reasons. I used to manage a mini photolab.

I have been divorced for many years, and raised my son by myself. He is 31 and married, with no interest in having children. (I had him when I was in kindergarten, lol) I am told I have 2 grandkitties and 2 grandpuppies and that is all I am getting.

For years we had a menagerie in the house, but now I am down to 2 beautiful kitties, Maxie and Scooter, both adopted from the pound. I also have a wild Siamese kitten living under my porch. Whether she will end up mine is still up for debate, but when I went to the store on Monday, I actually bought kitten food. I have no need of another cat, but Princess is so pretty. (Ok, I named her, but I still don't need another cat.)

Had my first cruise in 2004 on EOS Eastern Caribbean, and fell immediately in love. One of these days I am going again.

I am currently an amateur photographer, hoping to make that a paying job in the future.


Not sure how this happened, but I turned 60 last year! Geez, what a dirty trick that was. I'm one of those who will be working until I drop dead. San Jose CA is where I currently call home, but I hope to move to Ohio to live near my daughter by the time I have a 'fixed income'. I believe that my meager income will stretch much further by living there. Hopefully, by then she may even present me with a grandchild. I have been a Recreation Therapist/Activity Director in several health care facilities but absolutely detest surpervising others. I got so tired of being responsible when other staff screwed up ~ so I am now a cashier at Longs Drug store and happy as a lark. LOL

I have undergone a couple of surgeries, chemo and radiation for breast cancer and am now 'Cancer free'. I used to spend my free time doing arts and crafts, embroidery, building doll houses, crocheting, quilting,gardening, etc but don't seem to have the energy to do that right now. My latest hobby is spending hours and hours doing Google searches about anything and everything (especially medical related topics) and I love sharing this info with others. This cyberspace stuff is soooo very fascinating. You can find such amazing things if you search long enough, like all of you wonderful Cruise@ddicts!!!

Hugs, Mariposa


we have been married 52 years we are 72. We have retired to a small lake in mid Missouri. Son and his two sons live near by. Other son and his two children live in KC as does my daughter and her husband. I also have some very dear step grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I am a retired Social Worker and Paw retired from the Auto Parts business


Hi, I am Gloria from Montana, married for 23 years. Have a daughter and a son, and five wonderful little granddaughters, the newest one only 10 days old. We farm and ranch (aise Angus cattle) and I work as civil secretary at the sheriff's office. Love my job, hate the 23 mile drive in the winter! Hope to retire in another 6 years, but I don't think that is Gary's plan!
We try to cruise every year, usually in November or December as that is a time Gary can get away. We are looking forward to a 10-day on the Coral this November and then the inaugural cruise on the Ruby Princess November 2008. I am hoping to talk Gary into something in between those two.
I don't post often, but am a faithful lurker! ;)


I am a 31 year old female that is married to John. We have two children, Kole who is 9 and Savannah who is 6. We also have two furry babies, Sammy (a shitzu) and Charlie (a coker spanial). I am a registered nurse and work for an infectious disease doctor doing outpatient IV antibotics. All of us, of course, enjoy cruising when ever we can.


April, love your nurse picture. LOL

Hugs to you sweetie, You choose very wisely, your hubby is a very special man.


I am Colleen and I am 38. I have been married to Shawn for 13 years and we have one wonderful daughter, Brynne. We have been addicted to cruising since our honeymoon and don't get to go nearly enough. We currently reside in the Richmond, VA area, but have lived in Reno, NV and Dayton, OH in the last two years. We are not moving anytime soon. Unfortunately, my company moved me again to another plant that they just decided to close, so now I have been forced to seek something new. Lately the boards have been helping to ease me from my depression - that and the Great Escape coming up in February!


I am Becky. 54 and am a widow in Ohio. Have a son and daughter, both married. Daughter is graduating from OSU in the spring as a veterinarian. DS is an EE. I am an aide with severe behavior middle school. Started cruising in 1999. Been on 18 cruises. This summer I bought a house in The Villages Florida. Hope to become fulltime there soon. I have 2 cats and my dog went over the rainbow bridge last w-end. Very sad time.



I'm Kathy, age 56, married for 32+ yrs. We live on the banks of the Mississippi about 150 miles SW of Chicago. He is retired law enforcement who now works with animals at the shelter--this is why we have 2 dogs & 2 cats & as much as I love him I refuse to accept anymore pets! We have 4 adult children (1 girl & 3 boys) and have 1 grandson who is 6mo. Started doing daycare when my 4 children were young & just never got away from it. DH took me on our 1st cruise in 2000 for our 25th anniversary--he wasn't excited about it but did it because it had always been a dream of mine. Well, he fell in love with cruising & is always the 1 to say "hey, you need to find a cruise for us". We only cruise about every other yr but when we do it is usually a long trip in which we combine it with a mini land vacation as well. Next cruise is booked; 10 days Panama Canal on Jewel of the Seas but it is a yr away.