Tell Us a Little About Yourself



I am Judy. For the last 5 years residing in Golden, CO. Born raised and lived most of my life in the burbs of MA. I have been divorced longer than most people have been married and raised one beautiful child who has given me four beautiful fresh grandbabies.
I warned her that one day she would have children just like her. :lol I work as an Admin in a mortuary which brings me great satisfaction but also it can be very stressful. My first cruise was in 1991 and I now have 16 under my belt. NOthing planned for the future though.....sighhhhh.


My real name is Rhoda. I was married for one year at the age of 18, and divorced. I never remarried again. Had a wonderful career, and am now happily retired. I've had a wonderful life, between my career and going on many vacations. Mini and big vacations. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and have always lived in New York City (I'll never leave my city). My first cruise was on the Oceanic -- boy did I get hooked on cruising. Have at least 20 cruises under my belt.

Unfortunately, I do not cruise as much anymore -- but you can find me on land cruises - hob nobbing with the stars.


My name is Jo and I am 52. DH and I have been married for 31 years. We have 7 kids - some were homemade and some were "store-bought." I teach kindergarten and DH is a Postal worker. DS#1(age 31) is a pharmacist in Memphis. DS #2 (age 30) lives here in Illinois and is a computer network specialist and works for the government. DS#3(age 29) is a computer engineer and also lives locally. DS#4 (age 28) works for a think-tank in Washington, DC. He told us what he does at work but I didn't understand most of it! DD#1(20) is a nursing student and lives at home. DS#5(age 17) and DD#2 (age 16) are both high school students at home. None of the kids are married - I question all single women in their age range, looking for girlfriends! So, of course, there are no grandchildren.


My name is Becky, I am 51 yrs old and married to DH Tom for 32 yrs. We have 3 sons, Ben (29), Nathan (26) and Solomon (24). Ben just got married 2 wks ago. His wife has 3 children, making me an instant grandmother. I am not proud, I will take grandchildren any way I can get them. I work in a doctor's office as a receptionist and DH works for Boeing in the missile division. We live in St. charles, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. I grew up in St. Louis and moved away after high school, returning 14 yrs later. We have lived in the St. Louis area for 20 yrs (some of that time in Illinois, right across the Mississippi River). Our first cruise was in 1995 for our 20th anniversary and I got hooked immediately. Don't get to cruise as often as I would like, but I never give up hope!

I live vicariously through the cruise-addicts family!!! Keep posting cruise stories and pictures!


LIke Herb, my board name is my real name. I'm coming up on 73 so I can refer to most of you @ddicts as kids. Karen is 13 years younger.

I retired from the Air Force after 27 years and retired again from the National Park Service. Been totally retired now for 10 years.

First cruise in 1985 for our 10th anniversary and Karen and I have been married 32 years now. Our next cruise will be #20 (I think) but we also do a lot of trips to Europe and Hawaii (leaving October 16th for 2-weeks on Oahu). Land trip to Peru and a cruise to Russia are on the "hope to soon" list.


Alf & I got married in 1963. My first time and his second. I became an instant mom to a 6 & 7 year old. There was another baby that stayed with the mom and then we had our dd Sandra. I was a stay at home mom and finally started working in 1985 as an apartment cleaner. Alf was a structual steel fitter welder for years until the job crashed. So we took an apartment managers training course and did that for a few years until I got sick. When Alf retired, I came out of the hospital after 7 months and we moved. The year before I got sick, Alf's 93 year old Dad took us on a cruise to Alaska, and that was the start of our wunderlust! So that ended at 12 cruises under our belt. Alf will be 78 in November and I have just turned 70. We have 6 grandkids and 1 great grand.

This is such a good idea!



Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a cruise addict! :) DH and I have been married for almost 14 years, and have a 9 year old, and a 1 year old....both boys. I'm a bank compliance person, so cruise addicts is my outlet to fun people! :)


Hi, I'm Reggae, and I'm a Cruise-Addict!

My real name is Patty, and DH and I have been married for 32 years. YIKES!

My husband has worn many work hats, but has always been a carpenter, his full time work now. He retired from Ford Motor Company last year. I worked a long time as Office Manager of a large Tool & Die business, then a variety of jobs at Ford Motor, and furniture upholstery.

Since I developed cancer, I cooled it on the working, and now I help out DH when I can.

We have a daughter who is a Flight Attendant for a major airline, and a son who just graduated from college in Graphic Design/Advertising.

We have a shepherd mix named Charlie, and a "temporary" cat named Gizmo.

We have traveled a lot, and love the Caribbean and cruising. Our favorite line is RCI.

I just wanted to say I love Cruise Addicts and have made many friends here over the last eight years. So many wonderful people here!


Hi all, this was a fabulous idea. My name is Debbie, sister could not pronounce Debra, so it becane debowah and has stuck for many years. I am 49 and married for 16 years. I have a 26 year old daughter, who has a Masters Degree and works as a speech/language pathologist. We also have a 15 year old son who is a sophomore in High School. I am a certified Dental Assistant for 30 years and am currently employed as an Office Manager in an Endodontic (root canal) office. We live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, having moved here from Long Island, New York fourteen years ago. I was born and raised in NY, hubby hails from a suburb of Detroit. Hubby manufactures cosmetics. We took our first cruise on the Azure Seas in 1991 for our honeymoon, have cruised nine time since. Love it and would cruise more if bosses would not mind.
Peace to all.........


I'm another of those "not-so-original" in the board name department. I really am Jacquie, and leon is really Leon. He is a cradle robber, because he is a young 78 years old and I'm 61, and we've been married for 21 years. He retired from Rockwell International as an aircraft inspector 16 years ago, where he worked on the 747 and space shuttle projects. I've been a Medical Technologist for 39 years, most of which have been spent working in a laboratory for cancer patients only. I switched 6 years ago to working in an area where I do special stains to help diagnose specific cancers. When we married, I inherited 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Now we have 2 Silky Terriers (Bandit and Cocoa), a poodle (Sunny, inherited when my dad died last year) who looks like Ship Maven's Pucci, and 2 grey cockatiels (Joey and Spike). I like to knit and do counted cross stitch in my spare time. Alaska on the old Star Princess in 1991 was our first cruise, and still a favorite.


I am Maureen. I'm 47 and have 3 grown children and a daughter in law in their mid 20's. (no grandbabies yet. :( ) My BF's name is Keith. I live in Southwest Ohio just north of Cincinnati. I'm a MIS Project Manager Consultant. I dream of cruises too much that it's almost an illness. :lol


I'm Karin, age 60, married to DH Randy, 60, for 43 years. Both of us are born & raised Californians. We have one son, 42, who just got married for the first time in July. DH retired from local police dept in 2004. That was the year of our first cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas to the Western Caribbean. We were hooked. Next cruise was in 2005 on the Monarch of the Seas. On Sept 28 I will leave DH home and my sister and a friend will go on the NCL Pearl for a one night cruise to nowhere. DH got bored being retired and went back to work for a local Dodge dealer. He has worked off and on for Dodge/Chrysler for 20 + years. I am an Enrolled Agent, bookkeeper, office manager and jack of all trades for a CPA firm plus I have a small practice in my home. I have been in the business since 1979. I spent 20 years going to night school and working full time to get a B.S. in accounting. In addition to cruising we love to go the Big Island of Hawaii and watch the sunsets for a week or so.