temps in bermuda cruise on april 18 cruise


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We are from upstate new york and found that the prices to fly to florida spring break week are over $800 a person and with a family of 4 that is to much. I found the norwegian dawn leaving New York City on April 18th for 7 days going to bermuda and thought that woulod save us the money. But my concern is I found a web site showing april temps between 68 - 72 degrees. What do you all think??? help....


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Even in the middle of summer the temps are only 10 to 15 degrees higher, in the mid 80's but keep in mind average humidity is also in the mid 70's and that is pretty much year round. Of all the times we have been to Bermuda and all in off seasons, rain will be more a detraction that temps, but the nice thing about rain it never lasts long so it doesn't ruin your day.


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sure, it might be a little on the cool side, but if you can get a good price to Bermuda during spring break grab it...



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Much like bob said... the 68-72 range is great, coupled with the higher humidity it will feel a little warmer more like 75-82.. And you can count on the evenings to be only a few deg. cooler probably lows around 65-68, and will also feel a little warmer due to the humidity.

The only thing about bermuda in april is that the water temps will be rather cool. Not at all like Grand Cayman in april... water temps probably be around 68-75deg. The good thing is... being from upstate new york.. this will feel like the lakes in upstate in the middle of summer... LOL...


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that seems better than i thought, we nornmally go to florida on spring break and are in 80-90 temps, so i thought it would feel cold to us. you are right about upstate ny summer lake water temps. Is the crusie ship pools heated? We have only been cruises in the caribbean, where the temps have been very very warm. I guess any thing would be better than 50's.....


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According to Weather.com (The Weather Channel) the average high temperature in Bermuda in April is 71. The average low is 63.

Hope you have a great cruise. :thumbup: