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Tender or Dock at Alaskan Ports?



We are planning a September Alaska cruise aboard either the NCL Sun or Wind, with stops in Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria. Does anyone know which, if any, of those will involve taking tenders to shore?

Thank you!


The only place we had to tender in was in SItka in the 3 Alaska cruises we have taken.
I can't remember if any other ships at the time used tenders or not. Guess this post wasn't much help sorry! :)


Sitka is the only place that we tendered. There doesn't seem to be any dock space there at all for cruise ships. The tender ride from the Statendam was not bad at all.



We were in Alaska last month aboard the Radiance. Juneau appeared to be the busiest of ports when it comes to tendering. Sometimes they get 6 to 7 ships on a given day. As a result, the odds are higher that you may tender. This should only be a concern if you have a tight itenerary that requires you to get ashore as soon as possible. We did not tender but I was later informed that the ships sometimes take turns tendering. Princess and Celebrity has the market on docks and they rarely tender. If you are wanting to know for sure about Juneau, Capt Larry will know for sure the day you are arriving. He runs a whale watching excursion and knows the arrivals of all ships coming into Juneau. Their web site is www.orcaenterprises.com. Hope that helps.



We have the port schedules on our personal website. We have the general alaska schedule site and some of the specific alaska sites which may have a little more info. Generally the schedules have the berth or anchorage info. The general port sites are also there if you need a litlle more info. Just click on Port Ship Schedules on our home page.