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terrible 20 test


Trivia Specialist
  1. What ball is worth three points in snooker?
    [*]What term refers to a plan or template?
    [*] What is the longest river in South Africa?
    [*] What semi-precious stone decorated Tutankhamun's burial mask, and is the colour of the American Robin's eggs?
    [*]What skin and eye colouring is associated with jaundice?
    [*]What was mined extensively in Cyprus in Roman times, which took its name from the country?
    [*]What is the common name of the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages?
    [*]Who was English King from 1650-1702?
    [*] What would you find at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington?
    [*] It means to convert rawhide to leather?
    [*] It was the name of the ship, in which Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe, 1577-80. Name the ship.
    [*] Ireland is known as the 'what' Isle?
    [*] Hyacinthoides is the scientific name for what protected (in the UK) spring flowering plant?
    [*] The equal combination of green and blue light, and the C in CMYK color printing, are what?
    [*] What is a tone of photography which results from or gives the effect of age?
    [*] What colour is Tyrian, a dye highly prized by the Romans?
    [*] Name the London borough and Royal Observatory site which marks international time?
    [*] Prince Andrew served for twenty-two years with what organization?
    [*]What colour is a 'double-word' square on a Scrabble board?
    [*]What is prestigious and precious and has the ISO currency code of XPT?