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Terrible reviews on the Grandeur of the Seas

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Granduer Sailer, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. First off lets get this straight to the people on board when it hit the peir. You have to make the best of what happens. Not ever traveling on the ship or the Cruise Line again is not making the best. The crew was probally as rattled as you were. Second for the other people with the bad reviews DONT POST THEM IF YOUR GOING TO PUT THE TOP TEN WAYS NOT TO GO ON ANOTHER CRUISE. How do you think this makes other people feel. By the way this is not an employee speaking. It is a fellow crown and anchor member speaking out about the reviews.
  2. defritz

    defritz Guest

  3. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Good Gravy Marie! Old Rose had a better review of the Titanic! The ones that made me chuckle were that it was not like Love Boat and he was not waited on hand and foot. FYI...Dolphins tend to avoid cranky people! LOL.
  5. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    How can someone complain about being stuck on a cruise ship for extra days.. Sheeeeesh.. Do these same people say "Waiter.. I ordered 10 shrimp and you brought me 12. please take these 2 back?"
  6. lonw

    lonw Guest

    Gee, after reading that review I am glad he is not ever going to cruise again. Could you imagine having him at your dinner table for a week. He even complained about hitting the dock when that happened on the cruise the week before his.

    You know there is no pleasing some people!!!
  7. yuyi64

    yuyi64 Guest

    Although most parts of his review are overly dramatic and negative, he makes a few valid points and we should respect his right to feel the way he does. The Grandeur is one of my favorite ships and my experience with Royal Caribbean is very positive, but I agree with the reviewer that the cruisers on the shortened sailing (5 days instead of the original 7) got screwed compared to the prior week's sailing (9 days for the price of 7). RCCL's refusal to offer a prorated refund for the two missed days left a bad taste in the mouths of many loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers that I've talked to. Their hardball stance with this group of passengers was probably taken to compensate for the overly-generous credits given to the 9-day cruise passengers the week before, and was not the kind of response I would have expected RCCL to take with the shortened-cruise passengers. I hope the lack of consideration those passengers received was an isolated incident and not a sign of things to come from this normally responsive cruise line.
  8. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    I certainly agree that Ron has every right to dislike how he was treated on his first cruise, and of course he can also choose to make it his last one. Criticisms of smokers in the non-spoking areas, poor service in the restaurant, average food, etc are all valid points of view. And, like Yuyi64, I am puzzled by RCCL's handling of this shortened cruise.

    Having said that, I really think Ron went way over the top on his review. One of his complaints is that it rained. Another is that the dolphins "decided to not cooperate" on an excursion. And, he complains that he couldn't avail himself of the right to cancel the cruise "because of job responsibilities". Certainly, most reasonable people might be disappointed about these three things, but they can't reasonably hold a cruise line accountable for them.

  9. lonw

    lonw Guest

    Have to agree I would have beed pissed about the shorted cruise without any compensation, I would have raised a lot of Hell about that.
  10. jkfreeman33

    jkfreeman33 Guest

    I hope they never do another cruise, especially any cruise I'm on. How would you like to have to listen to that a**hole all week? Those are the kind of people that would complain loudly all week and let everyone know how miserable they are. Let them stay home and spread that joy to their neighbors!!
  11. cjbee

    cjbee Guest

    I was supposed to be on this cruise and I can tell you that RCI really, really, REALLY dropped the ball. Some of my group who cancelled still don't have their refunds.

    Customer service treated us very very badly. Sometimes they read from scripts, sometimes they would act like they didn't know anything about it, and sometimes they flatly refused to answer any questions.

    I have written three letters to them so far and have no responses. I am honestly shocked at their behavior over the whole situation.

  12. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Hi Cjbee,

    I am sorry to hear of the situation. Sometimes the service reps do need better training, especially when it comes to out of the ordinary situations.

    If you paid by credit card, you can call your card company and enlist their aid in getting a refund. If you really want to get their attention, file a small claims (if it covers the amount) suit. Another tactic is to contact the consumer reporters at your local tv station. If its a New Orleans station, they might carry it since the NO local media did cover the incident. Other remedies are to complain to your state Attorney General's office. The Better Business Bureau has no authority, they basically log complaints. Whenever things have gotten that bad, I have always warned the company of my intentions to give them one last chance. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I am always polite and concise, too. (I swear!) So they usually don't think I am a kook (or do they? ) Good luck. Let us know how it works out.
  13. cjbee

    cjbee Guest

    I think they got the whole thing straightened out finally.

    My point is this - everyone can say you need to roll with the punches, but when it actually happens to you, it is a whole different experience. Sometimes it is hard to put things in perspective when the trip you have planned for over a year is ruined. We stuck to our guns and got onto another ship on another line, but we also ended up having to drive over 3000 miles and eat airfares and hotel charges. Not everyone was as fortunate as we were.

    I don't agree with the review, but I can understand the hard feelings.
  14. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Yup we have all had our trips from H-E- Double Hockey Sticks before. As I get older, wiser and more bitter, my expectations are usually pretty low these days. Sometimes it is the little things that get us through these things....Like remember in the Poseiden Adventure when Pamela Sue Martin had the forsight to wear those cute little matching hot pants under her skirt? Who knew she would have to climb up (down?) that Christmas tree. Anyway, the way I ward off evil to to pack all kinds of crazy things I will never need...first aid kits, ear plugs, sleep masks, a miniature pharmacy, Shout wipes, you name it. Yup, I am a freak. I never use that stuff for myself...just other desperate folks in need. Thank you for listening. I am glad you got things settled.
  15. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    I agree with some that think Ron should be entitled to express his opinion based on his experience. As a newbie to cruising, it makes logical sense for someone to be upset if they experiences like the poster. I ran into a couple who were on this same cruise and were new to cruising and said they would never go again either. But.. there are plenty of people who find cruising isn't for them.

    I personally LOVED RCCL until I cruised on the Granduer last year. I didn't post my review because that was my preference. I found it to be below grade of any of the other RCCL ships I cruised on. As a result, the next 3 cruises were booked with other cruiselines. I should have listened to those bad reviews of the Granduer before I booked. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except those with kids who want a budget cruise and aren't experienced with cruising with the Vision class ships in their heyday.

    I understand someone with a loyality to a particular cruise ship like the Granduer - but find it ridiculous to expect only rose-colored reviews. People should be allowed to post their opinions unless it falls under being offensive.
  16. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    One of the main reasons that many travel companies require full payment 60 days prior to sailing is that this is also the length of time you have to dispute a claim on your credit card. ususally, by the time you sailed, that time has expired. In this case, I agree that RCCL dropped the ball on the cruise after. If I hadn't read it from more than a few people, I would not have believed they offered no compensation for the shortened cruise.

    That said, this guy was a little out of line. He makes blanket statements like the wait er will forget your order. OK I can see it happpening once but he makes it sound like this is the norm.
  17. cjbee

    cjbee Guest

    An update.

    My stepmother just talked to our TA who sent a letter after this mishap. Basically, they said that RCI prides themselves on customer service and that this must have been an abherration, and that they thought they were extremely generous in allowing passengers to get a full discount and that is all they were doing.....

    hmmmmm. Sounds like excellent customer service to me........
  18. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    When I first read this review I thought he was out of line, and on some comments he was (or at least how he stated them). But after thinking about it, I wouldn't be very happy either. My husband and I don't have much money (he is a student and I'm just a secretary) and to go on a cruise normally would be out of the question. We won our trip, but it's still costing us a pretty penny (excursions, some new clothes, hotel). I think that missing ports and cutting my vacation short by 2 days would ruin it for me. Not to say I would never cruise again, but it would put a bad taste in my mouth.
  19. yuyi64

    yuyi64 Guest

    As if the poor Grandeur hadn't had enough bad luck already this year, now it appears she's experiencing engine trouble and reduced speed (and possible itinerary changes as a result). I hope they get her fixed soon for the sake of all those with cruises booked later this month.
  20. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    She is supposed to be in Bermuda tomorrow.... I guess that is not in the works? Yikes, my sister is on the 9 day leaving July 8th.

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