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<a href="http://s164.photobucket.com/albums/u28/TinaBcruzn/?action=view&current=Chiponchair.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u28/TinaBcruzn/Chiponchair.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


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OK, What am I doing wrong? I haven't posted a pic for a long time but I think I'm doing it the same way I used to.

Thanks for any help.


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Tobyn - when I scroll down on the c-@ page, it says - I may post new threads, I may reply to posts, I may edit my posts but I MAY NOT post attachments.

I've asked John and I'm waiting for his reply.


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It appears you are using the HTML code from photobucket. Try using the IMG code. I think that will fix it for you. Sent same response to your PM . . . . Good luck, I hope that works for you.


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Go to your user cp in red on the yellow bar half way up this page on the left. Scroll down on the left to edit options. Scroll down to the bottom and change your formatting code. I find mine only works on Standard editor.

Then when your post a photo, use the insert image icon above the text box. From Photobucket, use the img code. Should work. do


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Thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to try to post grandbaby pics, but I don't see as "insert image" icon above my text box. We'll see what happens. :)


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Okay, try this....

1.choose the album from Photobucket that picture is in.

2.When you see all the thumbnails decide which picture you like. Place mouse cursor over the picture (don't click on the picture), and you'll notice below the picture you have choices.

3.You want to choose the IMG CODE choice... LEFT click the actual image code and this will be highlighted.

4.Then RIGHT click and choose COPY..

5.Now go to to cruise@ddicts, type away to your hearts content and wherever you want to insert the photo RIGHT click and choose Paste.....



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You are attempting to post the link to the picture using html code, html is no longer accepted on the forums due to security issues, you can post the link in bb code using the image tag.