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Hi bob.
Here I am again.....it's been almost two years since my last visit !
Now, fo the beginning, I'm just wondering these big changes on this site. I can't recognise it at all !
I'm trying to send some photos: I have created a gallery, uploaded some photos, which should be public, but I cant find teh gallery by my name or by the callery name. And when I look at other member galleries, the photos are displayed quite small. very strange changes since my last updtate.
Much better earlier !
But thanks for Your message anyhow.
I'll keep trying !


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Re: testausta

Careful Bob, yksikaksikolmeneljä might be a nasty word in Finish, I'm looking it up now but it says do not repeat in public...........
And when i saw the topic i thought it had something to do with hormones........................................


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Re: testausta

Hi bops !
Well yksikaksikolmeneljä......not nasty but onetwothreefour in english !
I thought these test messages are not visible in puplic....but looks like they are.
It was good it wasn't anything nasty I was testing with !!!!
Thanks for the link to tutorials. Once upon a time I was teaching Christoffer to upload photos ( C. had a Mac) now I'm the one who needs a teacher ! But life is so surprising !

Do you still have colourfull autumn the in Canada or have You allready got first snow ?


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Re: testausta

I hope poor Tero didn't give up. These messages go back to November 2010. Would love to see Tero posting again!!