Thank God, Elliott is in remission and things are looking up, Today's journal entry



Today was probably the first day since the relapse that I really do have a lot of hope. Where do I start...

Elliott went to his checkup for blood and platelets. He needed NOTHING. Then they deceided to do the bone marrow aspiration. HE IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!

This is the first of two steps needed to get him to transfer. The second will be the donor which they are currently working on securing and we should know something next week. Fingers and toes crossed. He will be having a second round of chemo, much like the first. But even that brought a little good news. They have deceided to let him have it at Central Dupage which will allow Dan a little time to actually work as it is only 45 minutes from home and so he only needs to be there at night, per Elliott's request. And it allows me to see him almost every day on my way home as it is very near my office. So this one will be a lot easier on ALL of us. He should be admitted on Tuesday and will be there about 8-10 days. Then he comes home for about 4-6 weeks we think and then if donor is ready and Insurance Company gives the green light , the process begins. So this COULD happen before Thanksgiving. I want it to start so he can come home and be well.

This weekend Zach will be staying and Elliott really needs a weekend with his buddy.

Emma the cat will be getting a new home on Saturday. I believe we will be keeping all the rest of the pets. I can part with no more.

Many have asked what Elliott would like to have. Basically he only wants video games but if you want to get him something, let me know and I will let you know the games he wants. They are not cheap so please don't feel like you need to get them. He has things to keep him busy. The other thing that would make him happy is gift cards to Block buster or Best Buy. Well that is it for tonight...I want to THANK all the kind people that have begun to send in donations on the Envelopes for Elliott campaign. I would love to thank you all individually but I do not get to know where most of them are from. So please know I do care and am VERY thankful for your thoughtfulness.

Ok off to bed for me.


Me too Glo, but he isn't out of the woods yet, by any means. THis is a very wonderful turn of events for the Aldrich family and all of us cheering Elliott on. As far as I'm concerned Remission is the ultimate badge of courage because it so tough to acheive that status for even a short while. Elliott is a very brave young fighter right now and my prayer is that he continues to do well in his battle.

This seems the perfect time to share a great web site that I found while doing a Google search on "leukemia + bone marrow transplants" for those who would like to learn more about the long road ahead for our little buddy. If the link doesn't work, just snoop around on the UCSF website. BMT means bone marrow transplant.


Hugs, Mari


:thumb Thanks to the URL on the bottom of Mariposa's posts, I looked at
Elliot's story.

That kid is a real battler. I signed the guest book and will go on following this journey.may he continue to do well.

I belong to a Yahoo groups {for parrots} and we light a Green Candle on
Friday nights. {green--HOPE} We will include Elliot and his family from


Good news. Thanks for the update. I have sent a PM to Cindy. I have a friend who is in a similar situation with her son, tho not as grave as Elliott, and wondered if I could hook them up.

Jill B


WTG Elliott! Hang in there mate, and you WILL win this. You and your family continue in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Mari for keeping us updated. Hugs to you also.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I read my e-mail alert. May this unbelievably good news continue!


Glad to hear you have been blessed with some positive news for a change; hope it continues for all of you.


What wonderful news!!! I've been gone for a week and a half and I haven't had a chance to catch up on Elliott's page, so thanks for posting, Mariposa.

Off to go and post on Elliott's myspace page!