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My heartfelt thanks to all for your concern. I've been home for about an hour with the proviso that I DO NOT sit at the computer working from morning to night and that I keep my leg extended for the next 10 days. Home Health will visit me daily (I did not want to go to a rehab facility and be away from Pucci and the office).

Needless to say, it was/is a heartbreak not to be with the Duckies on the Bermuda cruise that had been planned for so long.

May 18th, I gashed my left leg and ended up in the ER. There was barely any skin left to cover the large open wound but they put in two sutures. I dressed the wound daily. Thursday, May 26th, the wound did not look good and my leg was red and hot. That afternoon, when my doctor saw the wound and I looked at it, he didn't even have to say a word - I knew what was coming. I immediately contacted HAL and Judi - BLESS THEM - and the Duck Crew gathered in New York one by one while I ended up in the hospital. Strict orders were for total bed rest - I was permitted to get up to go to the loo, then back to bed. Tests were made and cultures taken, and I was hooked up for IV infusions. The wound infection turned out to be E-Coli! I never knew E-Coli could be found in a wound, but it can. It's not merely the digestive variety. The doctors and nurses at the hospital said it's found everywhere.

At any rate, the massive doses of high-powered antibiotics helped. The wound will take months to heal, my July cruise is also cancelled, but the important thing now is for me to follow instructions and not sit at the computer. I'm powering up my laptop and will do most of my work from there for awhile.

Again, thank you for your concern. :thankyou:

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Welcome Home ShipMaven. :sunny:
I didn't know that E-Coli could be found in a wound either. :shrug: Glad that Home Health will come to your home. Rest up. Big Guy sends his meows.


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Rest up Mary Ann! Timber and Rylee send tail wags for a get well soon message. I also was rather surprised to hear about the e coli. Hey, as long as you get all better and there are no long term issues, we are happy you are home.


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Welcome home Mary Ann. I'm so glad that you are able to be back home to your own bed and most importantly Pucci. I'm sure he was just filled with kisses and love when he saw you. Take care and please follow doctors orders to the letter. My prayers as always are with you.


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:clap: This is great news indeed! Very happy to hear you are home, and Kiefer is trying to do a happy dance with one of the cats over in the corner. Now you can get some real rest in your own bed (even though I am sure you are sick and tired of beds about now!). Become one with your laptop, and get better. xoxo

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So glad that you are home Mary Ann.

E-coli in a wound -- first that I have heard of that.

Sorry that you have had to cancel your July cruise as well.

Take care and rest and keep that leg elevated.


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So happy to hear that you are home again, Mary Ann. And I know Pucci must be just as happy to be back home with you again.

So now you just have to take it easy, and rest up. Glad you have that laptop, so it won't be as tempting to get at your desk.

Will continue to keep prayers for healing...((((Mary Ann))))


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Wonderful news that you are home again I know Pucci must be in heaven to be back together with you. Follow the dr orders so your leg heals & you will be up & about before you know it.
Prayers & hugs are on the way.

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Good Morning....:)..indeed..

Mark and I are so glad that you have Home Health on your team.and the bed rest orders in place.
take care..Prayers Continue....We'll be in touch.( Naturally...)

Hugs and Love you and Prince Pucci Pupper..XXOO Joanne and Mark
Welcome home Mary Ann, along with everyone else here we were concerned about you, and poor Pucci. we wish you a speedy recovery with many more cruises in the future when you are fully recovered.


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Mary Ann, I am soooo happy you are home and on the mend. I know some of the best medicine in the world is to be back in your own home and I know being with Pucci will help you heal faster.

I'm so sorry you had to cancel another cruise but your health comes first. I wish you were close to me so I could stop by and lend a hand now and then. Please take care.


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Glad to hear that you are home and getting better. I'm sure that Pucci is more than glad to have you home. Take care and keep that leg up.


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I am so happy to get up this morning and read that you are at home Mary Ann. I know you will follow Dr's orders and I wish you continued good recovery. The Boys send their hugs and kisses to both you and Pucci. I am so sorry that you will miss another cruise :(


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Sorry to hear you'll have to cancel another cruise, but your health is more important! Take care and good to see you home!



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We are so happy you are home and not at a rehab. Pucci kisses will make you feel better. Don't forget to keep that leg elevated. Prayers will continue for a quick recovery.

Hugs to you and Pucci.
Evie & Joe


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So glad to hear you are back at home now with Pucci, but so sad to hear that you will have to cancel yet another cruise. But as others have said....your health is the most important thing and there will always be more cruises.