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Mal D. Olive

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Thanks one and all for your thoughts and prayers, they were a tremendous help and comfort to me through this ordeal. I believe that medical care alone does not have the power to cure, as a great deal comes from the inner strength gained from the love and support of family and friends…..and I have a ton of that for sure!

Now to some typical MAL stuff….

A few weeks back when I got the 1st catheter and leg bag, I said to Judi and Colleen…†I don’t like referring to this as a bag, so I am going to call it Ralph!†It just sounded a lot better saying “I’m gonna go take care of Ralphâ€. So a couple days later when I was being admitted to the hospital, the nurses called me in to take vital signs and when I went to sit down I had to readjust a bit and said “Come on Ralph ….get straightened outâ€.....well the Nurses turned and looked, and one said “Did you just call your bag Ralph????†I said Yeah, I had to name it cause I did not like BAG!.....needless to say that got a chuckle or two! When I was discharged from the hospital, they gave me new bag…and when I got home with that one it was time for a new name. We tossed around a few ideas, but then light bulb went on when I realized that the leg straps on this one did not hold as well as Old Ralph. I said to Judi it’s name is Chuck, then every time I would get up and go to take care of things I would grab hold of it and say “UP-Chuck†and away we would go.
One final note…
One night early on when I was coming back from taking care of Ralph, I stopped on the steps and said to Judi and Colleen….You know how when people get a cast on a broken arm or leg and they have people sign it……They both looked at me and at the same time and shouted “NOâ€â€¦..well that ended that!

Now I need to just take it real easy and be a good OLIVE BOY till Surgery on the 29th!

Later All!!!

Mal D.


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I went there about 3-4 years ago. Just me, my RALPH and the daVinci robot. Choosing surgery was the second best decision I ever made (SunFlower was my BEST decision). Now, I know I'll be around for many more Duck Cruises ...

Hang in there buddy, Ya gor a lot of celebrating to go through.


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Mal - your sense of humor is back! :sunny:

Glad the catheter is out, the infection is gone, and it's full speed ahead to get the surgery done and over with.

Keep up the good work! :doubleup:


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Yup, you are sounding like your old self. That's a good thing.

Reminds me that at the hardware store I always ask people if they want a bag. Most people do not.

But for some dang reason, older men just think it's sooooo funny to say, "No, I left her at home."

You could have had a totally different response! One I absolutely wouldn't have wanted to hear. LOL.


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Mal - glad to see your humor is coming back and that you are on the mend. Take care and we will look forward to hearing that the surgery is done and you are home recuperating. Take care!


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Well, you are obviously feeling better . . . .but I'll leave that to Judi . . . .I am NOT going to feel you to find out if you feel better! Take care BFAM. Don't let the doctor sell you any assessorial surgeries . . . .