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I am reposting this news at the suggestion of a fellow cruise addict as something happened to it when it was moved to this thread.

As I am so very thankful for all the congrats on my pregnancy I come here with sad news. I lost the baby over the weekend.
I want everyone here to know that you have been like an extended family with all the hugs and support and I want you to know with every post you have helped me heal.
Thank you all for your love and kindness.


Beth, this is the first I have learned this sad news. Our DS and his DW lost their little boy a little over a year ago when DIL was 5 months pregnant. It is heartbreaking and you feel like all your hopes and dreams are shattered. Give yourself time to grieve for your loss both mentally and physically. You have your cruise to look forward to which will be very helpful in healing and soothing your soul. I am so very sorry. =hug =hug =hug


I never saw the other post; I am so sorry for your loss. Take it from someone who had 3 miscarriages, I truly know the ache you have in your heart. Many yrs ago my ob told me that if every woman got pregnant enought times every woman would eventually experience a miscarriage; that it was nothing I had done & was usually nature's way of taking care of some kind of problem. Now I will admit that at the time, that really didn't give me much comfort but as time passed I knew it wasn't my fault & that sometimes things just happen. I had a 2nd miscarriage then finally a baby & yet another miscarriage before having 3 more babies. You will carry this ache in your heart for a long time but it will get better & remember that you & your husband may not grieve the same. I always felt that I felt the loss so much more than he did but in the end I know he felt it too but just kept his feelings locked inside--I guess putting on a brave front for me. Give yourself time to grieve, check with your dr & try again--that's what we did and I have 4 adult children & 1 grandchild.
Only time can mend a broken heart but you will mend & I'm sure that just a little bit further down the road than you planned, you will have that baby in your arms.


So sorry to hear this news. Hope you are being well taken care of. Prayers for peace.......


Again, I am so sorry to hear Beth. I'm glad your pals here at Cruise @ddicts help to bring peace and comfort =hug

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Hugs and prayers from me too Beth..been there, done that.. it stinks..heal for yourself, mind and body..we are here for you..Joanne