Thanks from Billy 2 and Maw


We want to thank everyone for their patience and prayers and good vibes this last two years. Have been a rough spell. Yesterday Billy got good news finally that isn't a train he sees at the end of tunnel. His disability was approved so he now has a source of income and just getting rid of that stress is sure to help some of the other problems. Thanks everyone
Va has him seeing specialist of all kinds so ho0pefully they can get him comfortable again.


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Oh, that is a relief, and certainly a first step towards diminishing a major cause of stress.

God bless. May good news continue.


Mary Ann


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Oh Maw that is wonderful news. A big relief for all of you. Tell Billy that I'am happy for him, at last some good news.


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That is indeed very good news Maw! I am so glad for Billy and I pray that now that some of the stress is lifted other things will beging to settle too!


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Good for Billy means the system is working right when the ones who need help Finally get it. And I know this is a relief for you and Paw. I wish Billy 2 the best. :)