So I had an easy time finding a sound effect of the Disney Magic's horn
on the web (to the tune of "When You Wish Upon A Star) for those not in the know,
but as I am making a DVD of my latest cruise I said to myself...

....SOMEBODY has to have a recording, somehow of the three-toned Carnival
announcement chime. You know, the one that drives you crazy all through your cruise
and eventually somehow wakes you up IN your room when you are hungover?

Maybe someone was videotaping when the chime went off in the room or the
Lido deck, maybe someone can point me to where I can find the audio
of that three-toned chime. You know, the one you wish you were hearing when
you are , say at work?? :)

.wav, .mp3., .aiff, any forman, stereo or mono..just a short 3-5 second file
of the DING-DING DING! It would fit perfect as an element announcing the
passage of time in my memorabilia DVD...

Thanks cruising peoples!