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The best of Alaska's scenery?

Thank you everybody for all your advice so far! At this point I'm just on the verge of going to my local trusted TA and seeing what they can come up with for myself, Grandma and Mom. But before I make the commitment I have just a couple last questions.

The background is, I'm taking my Grandma and Mom on a 6-8 day Alaskan cruise on either HAL, Princess, or Celebrity. And because Grandma is fairly restricted in movement (wheelchair with some walking) we'll probably stay on the boat most of the time, so scenery from the boat is a big priority. So, as we're looking at different cruise itineraries, I'm writing to ask you guys who know more about where these ships go than I do, what ports of call or general scenery would you suggest that'll give us the best views from the ship? So far we've got advice for Glacier and Hubbard Bay, but are there other great places we should be aware of?

And as a last little thing here, I'd like to get myself and Mom on a helicopter ride somewhere in the middle of this journey. Can you guys suggest where we should aim for a thrilling chopper ride? Curious about how much this would cost also.

Thanks so much for your help everybody!

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
Juneau would be a great place for a helicopter ride.

Jueanu, Sitka, Ketchikan have great views from the ship.

Haven't done a helicopter ride in a few years -- but back then we paid around $125 per person.


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Is your "local trusted TA" personally CLIA certified? If they are not CLIA certified, I would look elsewhere ...

To get your excursion question. Many of the Alaska ports offer hellicopter excursions (usually to a glaicier). They vary in cost, but you can probably expect to pay somewhere in the $250-500 per person range, depending on what is offerred.


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If you go on an itinerary that get's you into Skagway. Do the Train up and back through the White pass.

Cheaper than a helicopter. If you book a ships tour you can leave from the dock.

Krazy Kruizers

Holland America Specialist
We have done the train in Skagway a few times -- love it.

Book it through the cruise line and they will help your grandmother get off the ship and to the train.


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It won't be in the middle of the journey, but the sightseeing ride to Misty Fjords out of Ketchikan is beautiful as well.

But I do heartily recommend the train ride round-trip out of Skagway.