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the biggest waste of money

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Haggis Hunters, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Bingo - definitely! Thought , at least in Bingo "one of us wins" -- but at $25-$35 session, forget it. I also think RCCL keeps way too much of the money paid in. I've also heard (and it makes sense) that since the cards are now computerized they make sure nobody wins the jackpot until the last night. Too much $$. I agree, I'd play/pay again if it were cheaper, but sheeshhh!

  2. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Bingo strikes me as just a different form of Lotto, with the "somebody has to win" philosophy fueling lots and lots of losing ticket sales. When we played last week, we bought the lowest-price card package, mostly to kill time as the cruise wore down and the cash jackpot grew, but the person in front of us dropped $80 on that game. Ouch!

    I once read that you're 30 times more likely to be struck by lighting TWICE than to win the Lotto. After losing at Bingo just once last week -- and a lot of those people lost EVERY DAY -- I really get the point.

    Now about those photos...they too are a huge rip-off to me as well. And oddly enough, they seem to get more and more expensive as the week wears on. We just snapped hundreds of our own photos and are very happy with the results. I am actually uploading them now to our Costco account, and we'll be able to pick them up tomorrow at 19 cents a print.

    Let's see, what's better? $20 or 19 cents. That's a toughie...

    (By the way, think for a minute about the massive profit margin on the photos they do sell. Consider that they shoot all those photos all week long, and then go to the trouble of printing every single one of them up. Most of them go unpurchased, which means those that are bought not only pay for the photos people want, but they also pay for the thousands and thousands that aren't. No wonder they want $20 a pic!)

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  3. jrsygrl

    jrsygrl Guest

    Everyone decides how they like to waste their money.......i don't drink soda, i don't set foot in the casino, one or two momento photo's is my limit but try to keep those delicious shooters away from me after dinner and I will go for your throat! My name is melanie and yes, i'm a shooter addict......

    I'm trying to figure out why no one has mentioned those awful priced spa appts? my husband gives a great massage and it doesn't cost me a dime and it's way more fun!
  4. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Love those shooters.........but wish they'd get rid of the glasses........I have them all! LOL
  5. kuljey

    kuljey Guest

    what is a shooter?
  6. kuljey

    kuljey Guest

    what are shooters? thanks
  7. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Shooters are "shots of liquor" served in a small glass. They serve them as after-dinner drinks.

    SailingRose.. you don't have to buy the glass. I think it's like $2.00 cheaper or something like that without the glass. Just ask your bar attendant.
  8. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Mrs. Pete - I wish it was that way with RCI, but it's not. Soda is NOT free in the dining rooms. Wouldn't that be nice?!

    I think we paid $40 for Bingo for the 3 pack of cards.

    Yvonne - Shooters are little glasses of alcohol in colorful "souvenir" shooter glasses. (Don't know why anyone would want to save those little things, but whatever.) RCI really pushes the shooters after dinner - they go as far as to set them down in front of you and disappear. They come back about 10 mins. later after newbies have drank them and want their $4-$5 for the drink, plus tip. We always watch the shocked look on newbies faces when they learn they have to pay for them.

    The soda card prices are WAY too high with RCI. They should take a lesson from Princess on this one.

    The picture prices are also way too high. Think we spent about $200 on pics on our last cruise. They were the only souvenirs we bought the entire 12 day trip, so I didn't mind paying that much, but normally, I wouldn't buy more than 2 or 3 of them. With today's digital age, those pictures should not be costing $20-$25 for an 8x10!

    It's all about PRIORITIES. Everyone has different perceptions as to what's "worth" spending their money on and what isn't. =dunno
  9. Brad1185

    Brad1185 Guest

    The $3.95 charge for burgers, french fries and onion rings.
  10. Thanks, this prince and princess are going to buy maybe one or two pics, enjoy the onion rings, buy a soda card, (we get awfy thirsty!!) and snap up a shooter on the way past another table......exit stage left - quickly! But seriously, it IS all about priorities, we are determined to enoy this cruise whatever the hidden costs, but we learn hard lessons that way. Thank you all for sharing your hard lessons with us, that we may not have 'shocked newbie faces' =eek at the end of the cruise holding our credit card at arms length!
  11. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Take advantage of room service. It's a nice luxury and only costs you $2 for the tip. Sometimes we just order dessert & coffee. EXCELLENT cookies!

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    my kids purchased ocean potion cards for the fancy virgin frozen drinks they got twelve punches on a card for about twenty dollars. i think that was on a rccl ship.. or maybe it was celebrity but i do not remember. it was so nice, they could go to any bar on ship and order a fancy drink with an umbrella they really got a charge out of that .does anyone know if they still have this?
  13. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Carl, I have a balcony, and I intend to use room service a lot!
  14. usher

    usher Guest

    Pictures - both time and money

    Paying extra for a drink to get the painted glass.
  15. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    pictures and spa visits
  16. randy

    randy Guest

    There are posts upon posts about smuggline booze or wine aboard, why hasn't anyone addressed smuggling packages of Bingo cards aboard? You are only saving five bucks a drink, but think of the savings in Bingo cards? Even if you only bring aboard losing cards, you have still saved a bunch of money! (tongue firmly planted in cheek, in case the literal-minded among us are ready to flame me!)
  17. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI HAGGIS!!!

    I have never heard of a Norwegian prince who eats haggis!!! LOL!!!

    The biggest rip-off on any ship must be the $10.00 martinis. The drink prices are totally ridiculous. Ships sell duty free alcohol that costs them very little. They charge more than $5.00 plus tip for a very average drink. The tropical drinks are $6.00 plus. If they are going to charge like that they should give you a good drink that is larger than what they are selling now.

  18. Well, well, it seems I have been rumbled ;) I am only a poor Scotsman trying to save a few bucks on our first cruise, guess haggis does not travel up the fjords well !! :grin
    It seems we have a bit of a thread going here, maybe some Big Cats would care to join in! :pc .........BIG CAT TSUNAMI ALERT............ Who has actually enjoyed the bingo? seems it is full of Norwegian royalty kissing kroner overboard! :king
    'Ross' you may have to bring your novelty glasses with you, the ones that magnify everything, you know, the rose coloured ones!!! =gulp hee hee!!!
  19. marklee43

    marklee43 Guest

    My vote for the biggest waste of money are: slot machines and soda card.
  20. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI HAGGIS!!!

    I am certainly going to bring my glasses with me. LOL!!! The 2 litre glasses!!! LOL!!! Make sure you pack "a wee bit" of "The Scottish Dew" in your luggage and save a dram or two for me laddie!!! Hoot laddie!!! LOL!!!


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