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the biggest waste of money

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Haggis Hunters, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. While we are talking about the biggest waste of money I guess carrying my bagpipes and highland cows with me on the cruise would be a wee bit expensive, so I guess I will just blend in with the others, you know, tank tops and cut off jeans!!! ;) (see Ken_2001).
    What do we think about the trophies from the shore excursions..dust collectors or a great bargain, hand made too!!!!!! :roll OK, I am about to flip the coin here, what is the best value object you have purchased on a cruise?? Snaffling the RCI towel does not count! the cruise itself is too obvious an answer, and bribed crew are included ! :]
    Come on friends, let me know your innermost fiscal secrets! I promise not to tell the tax man! :phone
  2. cfurry

    cfurry Guest


    If you want a ship souvenier, wait until the ship's "logo shop" has its 50 percent off sale, and then grab yourself a cap or a polo or something.

    Most of the stuff available in the ports is very touristy and not interesting at all. You can find a few hand-made items, and of course if you're looking for a specific big money item like a watch or a camera, be sure to know what the best price for that item is at home. Prices can be good in the Caribbean, but bargains are so readily available these days via the Internet and even through traditional retailers that the Caribbean bargains are often no longer that remarkable. And buying something in the islands pretty much means you can't return it, which makes a meager price break even less attractive.

    For our souveniers, we take photos. Memories seem to last longer than merchandise.

  3. cantw82cruz2

    cantw82cruz2 Guest

    when does the gift shop do 50% off? At the end of the cruise? Now that's good info to know!!
  4. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    We spotted the sale toward the middle to late end of the cruise. As you may have picked up by my posts, we don't do a lot of shopping onboard, but we noticed that lots of the inventory in the logo shop was half off at one point.

    If you're trolling for bargains, I'd just lie in wait until the sales start popping up. If nothing materializes, you can pick up some logowear on the last sailing day. No harm, no foul. But I'll bet they'll have some kind of sale.
  5. mledet

    mledet Guest

    when are you guys on the Rhapsody?
    We're going the 4th of July.

    Can't wait!
  6. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    RCI typically puts out t-shirts the last full sea day. Great gifts at a reasonable price. Sometimes the sales are on the last sea day. You'll see the stacks of t-shirts on tables in the center of the shopping.
  7. The ships sale seems a good idea, but RCI should lower the price and sell more of the stuff all through the cruise! but then again, hey, a sale is a sale! :grin
  8. i just didn't know where to put this post but I guess it fits hear. My cousin went on a cruise last summer. When she returned she talked about this beautiful tote bag she got for like $20.00 that was hand made from the locals. Well Well Well...she came to visit us and take a trip to the beach and what do you know. It's identical to my moms she got a local store for only $9.00. Sounds like her biggest waste was her tote bag. Oh wait moms was even cheaper, she had a 20% off coupon.
  9. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Well, damn... I was looking forward to playing bingo on board the Monarch. Why is it so expensive? Are the prizes that huge? Reduce the prices and let us have some good clean fun. Shucks, now I'll have to go shopping.... =shh
  10. cantw82cruz2

    cantw82cruz2 Guest

    I was looking forward to playing Bingo too. Now, I will probably only once to be able to say I did. What are the typical prizes when someone wins?
  11. ssca

    ssca Guest

    I to say BINGO we paid $85 last week on the NOS. They have packs you buy for $35 or $45 each which are for 5 games 6 cards which is hard to share but can be done, and then $15 more for the final blackout game. We only played once and would not have gone if I knew before hand. There were 4 of us. An interesting thing though they do have a record of each pack they sell and confirm it was purchased before they see if it is a good bingo if you win. A lady called out bingo and before they confirmed it the computor said it was NOT a purchased card and to make a long story short did end up paying the lady but they collected the $35 fee first. They pass out packs for line control and then you go pay for it well some people think the cards are not tracked but they are and it caould be embarassing if you win. The lady that did win had a receipt for other cards and they she claimed missed the pack she won on,yeah sure!
  12. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Bingo is fun, but it struck me as more expensive this year, too. We only went once, and of course we lost. Except for the stock market, my gambling days are effectively over. It's certainly a high when you win, but the odds are so heavily stacked against you in a Bingo hall: 100 or 200 players each shelling out lots of money, and only one winner.

    I suspect people really play Bingo for the fun of it. If you actually wanted to maximize your chances of return, try this: Calculate all the money you'd put into Bingo all week on the cruise. Then take that amount -- let's say it's $100 -- to the casino, find the roulette table, and and put the whole sum on red or black, whichever color feels luckiest. This is the one bet on the ship with the highest odds of success (slightly worse than 2 to 1, since there are as many black numbers as red, but the two green numbers lower the odds just a bit).

    The bet pays 2 to 1, so you'd win $200 if your color comes up. A lot faster than bingo, of course, but a much greater chance of success.

    The key, then, is to walk away a winner. Most of us don't, which is why they keep building casinos! ;-)
  13. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    I agree with what was mentioned above.

    Soda card is a waste.

    Souvenir Shop has a big sale at the end of the cruise. Wait until then.

    I think the portraits could've been cheaper. $19.95 for one 8X10. Even if it was $14.95 that would've been ok. But they come out so nice, you just have to buy them!

    Bingo was expensive to play. Unless you win. Payoff on the very last game was $4,400. That would've been nice.

  14. ssca

    ssca Guest

    I only bought the soda cards for my teenagers and the drank more than $4 worth of soda a day so I don't know how at 1.75 plus tip each is considered a waste of money,I think that was the only bargin we got!
  15. jacquiez

    jacquiez Guest

    I never play bingo, and usually stay clear of the casinos. I just have a really hard time justifying throwing my money away. My SO enjoyed the gambling though and almost broke even. Seeing as it was his very hard earned money, who was I to tell him not to bother. It was good male bonding time with the other men in our group.

    I don't think the soda card is that great a deal either. I just kept to the Iced tea, juice and lemonade instead of soda to cut costs.

    And pack as much of your own booze as possible. The alcohol can really add up on a week's vacation! :>)
  16. The soda card does not seem such a waste of money to me. I can't drink soda but the card allows fruit juice too so seems OK at that. How much is fruit juice normally? I know its free for Haggis' at breakfast but what about other times when Mr and Mrs Haggis have built up a thirst (hey! keep it clean!!!). My DW does not drink much in the way of alcohol and would probably end up hopping naked in a corridor anyway! So the Soda card seems OK! That's my =twocents folks!
  17. ssca

    ssca Guest

    Haggis, you could not use your soda card for room service but if you ordered OJ from room service anytime of day they did not charge you but outside of roomservice they charged I think 1.75 plus tip. My son always ordered OJ and kept a glass in the frig.
  18. BP

    BP Guest

    Art Auctions. Ever wonder why the ships are so into selling " Art" on a cruise ship.
  19. I like the juices other than OJ all the time, don't like to have to go back to my room to collect free juice, am I sounding like a rich norwegian prince here! :king
  20. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    On land, we might pay over $3.00 for a Starbucks coffee (when we can get it cheaper elsewhere). In DC and New York, expect to see $20.00 fly for a premium martini (including taxes and tip). It's hard to find a sandwhich under $7.00 in most urban delis. As for spa treatments--get outta here. They are pricey everywhere. Have you been to a ballpark or movie lately? It's enough to make you swear off hot dogs and popcorn. So why do we get excited by similar pricing on cruises? I think it's partly the fault of the cruise line marketing that makes you believe that you are getting everything for "free." We pay for those "free" meals, room, and entertainment in our fare (which I think is still a great deal). As for the other stuff and whether it's a waste of money---did you like it---did you enjoy it--did you get a guilty self-indulgent thrill? Then it wasn't a waste. Cruising AND loving it.

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