The Last Farewell


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You sure do no how to make one cry. What a beautiful tribute. She sure was a "Special" Lady!! Thank you for doing this.

Joe & Evie


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Thank you so much my friend. That was one of the most tender and beautiful expressions I have ever experienced.
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Finally got it... I have always loved this piece of music and the lyrics that you have written especially for Mary Ann are sweet, tender, heartfelt, loving and very poignant. Thank you Mal for sharing this. It brought a wee tear but it also brought love. Hugs!


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This would be perfect for the "In Memoriam" section. In fact, if anyone wants to include this type of memorial and/or obits in the "In Memoriam" site of Cruise-Addicts.....that would be a nice place to have it. We could all come back to those memorials and smile at the happy memories. Its not only for obits, but any kind of memorial for those c@'s that have passed before us so we continue to remember them (like this one from Mal and Judi).



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I wish that I could have heard Mal's wonderful voice but as you all know I'm a computer illiterate...I did enjoy the beautiful photos of Mary Ann. Mal you did a a great job. A special tribute for a special friend....


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Michael, what a loving tribute for Mary was just perfect. Bob, thanks for being his proxy, sharing this will all of us. I'm a little late seeing it, but it was no less emotional.