The latest on Bootsie


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We took Bootsie back to the vet today. The regular vet is on vacation and his new vet, his DIL, was there and suggested to my daughter that she think long about putting Bootsie to sleep as the eye was not improving and she was clearly starting to be uncomfortable. About the time I could see Ashley was starting to understand that this might be the most loving thing to do to Bootsie the vet changed direction and suggested they could do surgery to remove her eye. (sigh) She explained that the biggest risks would be the anesthesia, that the surgery itself was fairly simple and since there isn't anything else wrong with Bootsie she should give it a try. I'm not so sure I really want to put a 21 year old cat thru surgery but Ashley wants to give it a try. With all the feelings we are going thru with my uncle and his grave condition I just gave in. The operation is being done tomorrow.


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Yikes. I hope the Vet is right. I'll keep Bootsie in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Please keep us posted. You have a lot on your plate, Marie. {{{HUGS}}}


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well since she has nine lives i thin kshe'll pull through just fine... Although i personally would have to think long and hard about having surgery done on a cat that old. I mean she'll pull through this fine, but having only one eye is definitely have an impact on her being an outdoor cat. She'll be greatly debilitated with depth perception, and field of vision. So perhaps it is time she becomes an indoor bootsie?? I mention this only because as an outdoor cat she could be blindsided by an attack from another animal and may not be able to properly defend herself. I know you know bootsie better than I, so you're the best one to make that call on her welfare... i wish bootsie the bestest of luck!!!


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You all are so sweet to keep my Bootsie in your thoughts and prayers. Here is the latest and it's good news.

The vet called this morning and said she gave Bootsie a very strong antibiotic yesterday and the eye seemed to be very much improved this morning. She is wanting to now wait a few days to see if she keeps responding. The surgery is off for now, we will see how much improvement she makes by Monday.

I know some people think we are crazy for wanting to do surgery to a 21 year old cat but since the choices were putting her to sleep or taking a chance with the surgery we opted for the latter. Here is what I posted about Bootsie somewhere else.

This cat has a long history. She was given to DD for sleeping in her own bed by my father. Of course DD didn't sleep in her own bed after she got the kitten but that is whole other story. My father was a gruff man but turned to mush around my DD. He had numerous grandchildren but had a special soft spot for DD. I think it was because we lived so close to them and he saw her on an almost daily basis. She also was not intimidated by his gruffness as were the other grandchildren. Anyway, my dad died in 92 and the cat is a link for DD to her grandpa. The cat is also a link for her cousins that are close to her age to grandpa because they too got kittens at one time or another from grandpa but DD's is the only one that is left. They all rally around Bootsie and marvel at how old she is, how good of shape, etc. I just feel like I have to give the old kittie a chance if at all possible. Another quirk on the connection to grandpa is my father lost an eye when he was very young. The vet asked us if it would bother us to have a cat with one eye and was pleased to hear we would not be bothered by her being different.

The cat has been good. I have never had a mouse in my house. She has been a good hunter over the years with the cat next door. She doesn't hunt much anymore these days but so far I still don't have mice so she must keep things patrolled.


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A side note - two of my four dogs only have one eye. They came that way from the rescue society where I got them. They each lot their left eye prior and they get along great with no problems.